Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re emotionally invested in your investments.

We’re not robots, it’s human nature to be emotional. Unless you’re a sociopath it’s a difficult feat to completely detach from your circumstances.

I see so many people get down on someone who’s feeling emotional about their portfolio, or their situation. “You’re too emotional man” should not be the response to someone having a hard time.

I’ve been investing for a few decades now; stocks, real estate, crypto, and while it gets easier to detach your emotions from investing, there’s definitely days when it stings more than others. And that’s ok.

We’re all looking to better our lives through our investments, and if they don’t work out, that’s something we have to process. Don’t suppress it, it’s ok to feel.

You will learn to make your emotions work for you, you’ll learn to let them flow through you when it comes time to make a decision, you’ll learn that certain emotions lead to FOMO or panic selling. You’ll learn, and then you’ll grow.

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18 thoughts on “Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re emotionally invested in your investments.”

  1. I think people really need to be more willing to just trust the process and stop watching charts all day. Do your DCA, set some stop losses, some buy orders and then get on with your life.

    We all know this market is volatile, so if you aren’t day trading, why ride that emotional roller-coaster all day?

  2. Despite the dip and the downtrends, my portfolio is only down 20%.

    Probably not bad considering I began my crypto journey during the April ATH’s of 2021.

    Patience will be rewarded, and a more logical DCA plan and top up some dips will outperform FOMOing pumps and panic selling for sure.

  3. Money is at stake. Most of us are not rich. Even if you “can” lose the money and be ok, it still hurts watching it go further into the red.

  4. Best way to deal with market downturns is to stop checking the charts every 5 mins, and try to do other activities.

    ^Idk ^how ^tho

  5. I learnt a painful lesson last year and now I am numb.

    It’s true, be stone cold when dealing with investing. Unfortunately, most of us have go through hell to become one.

  6. People are emotional because they lack conviction in some of these alts. Because the primary reason why most people buy alts is due to the rise in price during the bull market. And when it starts to dump, the conviction evaporates.

  7. Bought BTC and LTC and my first investments. I know LTC’s best days are likely behind it, but it’s like a part of the family now


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