Dogecoin Will Take Over EVERYTHING

I believe Dogecoin will take over all the other crypto currencies in the future. I made a twitlonger about this, if you want to check it out, it’s here: there are some spelling mistakes but hey.

Essentially Elon Musk. I know, I know but there’s a lot more going on than you might think. To understand where I’m coming from we first have to understand that Elon has publicly said that he is in full support of doge coin and it’s future. If he does then I do but let’s see why I do.

He has currently allowed Tesla charging stations to use Dogecoin as a currency, good first step, but here’s what I see:

– he owns twitter (he has also publicly stated that he is trying to build the WeChat of the west) – more info in the long twit

– he owns spaceX, possibly leading to a full economy on mars run on Dogecoin.

– brain chips, yes that’s all I need to say about that.

– solar energy, I think incorporating Dogecoin into energy, could be a massive win

– already using Dogecoin as a currency at Tesla charging stations, I think that could spread. Twitter, Mars, Tesla, all that power could make doge the new standard.

Ok bye.

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33 thoughts on “Dogecoin Will Take Over EVERYTHING”

  1. Hey man, it’s always good to have something to believe in. I’m gonna sit this one out though. I’m not really interested in being at the whim of a billionaire’s tweets.

  2. He doesn’t own twitter.

    You really believe there will be society on mars utilizing currency anytime soon; let alone crypto; let alone a completely useless crypto with no utility? Delusional.

    How does mentioning “brain chips” make a good case for dogecoin?

    How does one “incorporate dogecoin” into energy? Care to elaborate?

    Cool, you can use your shitcoins to pay for energy at a charging station. What if I told you, with the advent of crypto cards you can already do this on your own; everywhere you go?

  3. so thing is, dogecoin sucks. its a copy and paste fork of BTC ( which isnt the best blockchain in town ), and the Doge foundation has desperately been trying to build it out to get it up to par with other projects.
    also completely seperate Elon from Doge, being able to buy merch and fill up your testla with Doge isnt gonna give this coin a unique use case, ALSO the original founders are a mess, Billy is morally a good and smart guy but he has 0 faith in Doge, and the other founder constantly trashed Musk and is generally an unlikable and hateful person. the future isnt meme coins

  4. He doesn’t own Twitter yet and he only hyped dogecoin to pump his own bags, for which he is currently under investigation.

  5. Being dependent on only 1 person / company is never a good solution. Especially someone like Elon Musk. Today Dogecoin, tomorrow other dog or coin. I personally never bought and will not buy Dogecoin,.

  6. I’m bullish on doge (as verifiable by my QC) but Musk is literally the least fascinating thing about the project out of all bullish indicators that exist.

    Musk is just the CEO of a company that accepts doge. That’s one company. That’s it.

    The worst thing about his fans though… They don’t listen to him. The meme about “doge becoming the currency of mars” is still being spread despite musk having clearly stated that it is technologically impossible to sync a blockchain with 40 minutes of latency at the speed of light…

    So sorry OP… but I cannot take people serious that make claims that ignore laws of physics and the words of their lord and savior Elonius Musk, claiming that memes from some kids on twitter are what reality is…

  7. It’s funny when people laugh at doge and call it useless but they’re invested in scam coins like solana lmao

  8. > I believe Dogecoin will take over all the other crypto currencies in the future.

    LOL, pointless to read beyond that first sentence. Much wow, OP. Just wow.

  9. oh wait.. you’re serious!
    I mean.. I hodl some and would love for it to be worth a buttload of money but I’m not holding my breath lol

  10. Lol wth. He doesn’t own Twitter yet. He Prolly won’t in the end. If and when mars ever has doge on it for currency let alone people, you’ll be long dead by then. Best of luck dreamer! Hope it at comes true.

  11. I mean on one hand Elon Musk is a fraud and almost everything you said is complete fantasy, but on the other hand dogecoin is cool.


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