Do you research a CRYPTO project before investing in it?

Investing in altcoins is a risky business that involves a lot of time to research and investigate the project roots, the business model, the team, and more important elements. Time is the most precious asset we have, but the majority of us trade it for money, by going to work and trying to make a living (unfortunately not from crypto). So, I believe that some of us don’t have time to research a crypto project and invest blindly, based on other people’s opinions, or worse, based on influencers’ opinions.

What is not research:

1. Listening to your friends and making an investment decision based on their opinion.
2. Look a few minutes on CMC or CG and invest based on metrics displayed there.
3. Watching a 20-minute YT video that shows you a crypto project, even the arguments make sense.
4. Invoking divinity to show you signs of the future.
5. Seeing the price going up in the last 7 days.
6. And other more…

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36 thoughts on “Do you research a CRYPTO project before investing in it?”

  1. I research everything, I did ape into LRC though and down massively. Everything else, yes.

    Unfortunately no matter how much research you do, sometimes it’s all just luck.

  2. There are 4 types of “investors”.

    1. Shill followers: these are the guys who buy everything that is shilling around (twitter, Reddit) and expects that it makes x10 or more! Never gone happened!

    2. The moon follower: the guys who purchase coins that already’s mooning and expects another leg up but instead it’s going down, hard!

    3. The cautious guy: he see’s coins shilling, do some research on it, it sees that it starts to go up and puts a low entry but never goes that down, so it goes all in on high and than it goes down, hard!

    4. The wise guy: the one that doesn’t care about shillings, DYOR, puts his entry’s accordingly and patiently waits! Gets bigs rewards following his own system!

    Which one is you?

  3. White paper, doxxed, actual mechanics, initial burn bc of hidden whales, blockchain tech…if all that is okay, Im in.
    If I see red flags on those subjects? I still buy in.

  4. Research? I research musks tweet before going all in doge mate. Best research there is!!

    Can i tag a comment as comedy?😂

  5. Of course I research. If research says it’s got Inu, Elon or Moon in its name , then it’s a buy. Thought everyone knew this

  6. Understanding project fundamentals is crucial but I think you might be underestimating the “other people’s opinions” aspect of research. Markets aren’t rational; hype is important. That doesn’t mean just lazily browsing Reddit, of course. But I think it’s crucial to triangulate the Internet’s general sentiment toward a project.

    Personally, I prefer a balanced, heuristic approach: I invest in projects that have good albeit not necessarily perfect fundamentals as well as a healthy amount of social momentum.

  7. Usually I just check to see if the coin is named after a dog or has “safe” in the name. If the name checks out, my next step is to take a look at the logo. For example, if the coins name is “safedogeinumoon” and the logo is a dog with a rocket ship for paws i know the devs did their homework when they coded the token.


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