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Greetings, one of the major challenges convincing the public that cryptocurrency is anything more than a speculative asset is price stability. For example, the average BTC using consumer has a DCA of about $41k on their holdings. If you buy a $5 latte today at the current valuation of ~$23k, you are transferring twice the amount of wealth as a USD user for the same product. After you rebuy your $5 worth of BTC your DCA likely hasn’t changed much. This creates an incentive to not circulate wealth. But what about the guy that bought at 10k? He could buy the latte and get a huge discount today, but would then forfeit his opportunity to potentially gain profit in the short term on that holding which is another huge incentive not to circulate.

Is there any token that has solved this in a way that isn’t simply hypothetical (such as “upon mass adoption, this attribute will manifest”)? Is there any token that doesn’t reward the early investors so disproportionately that they ultimately look like a fool for using the currency for its intended purpose (like og btc pizza guy) or a genius for never using it ever (diamond hands, hodl mentality)? I’m speaking from a retail consumer perspective here and not how an institution/corporation may use cash. Or maybe I am completely missing something here… please help me understand!

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  1. any crypto that works well as a currency will not make a good investment and any crypto that makes a good investment will not work as a currency.

  2. Volatility of crypto and early investors making bigger profits is actally one of main reasons people like crypto. It is benefit not a problem. Being earlier than other people in some project is the goal of all of us. Hard to achieve, but early birds get the worms. Ofc over time with mass adoption and institutional money volatility will be smaller and price more stable.

  3. No established coin has solved this problem. We would bank on the idea that as the market cap of a coin grows, its volatility would also go down.


    Or just use a stablecoin or smth.

  4. For your consideration.. i go to a local store, grab an icecream for my daughter, buy with n26 card, linked through with apple pay. It goes through in under a second. I know this, because as soon as my iphone detects the face id, the old lady at the counter is saying: thank you, do you need a receipt? Then i go to my car trying to pay for the parking, the machine ONLY accepts change!! Not even bank notes. Meanwhile i sell my eth to usd, from one dex to another, because liquidity/inslovency/fud/other.. calculating the fees and in the end it takes a few hours to complete. I am not even discussing the problems with sms code, 2fa code, email code, otp code… digital currency of the future you ask??? Its Cash or something the boys ‘at the top’ will agree on, not mr. Nakamoto im afraid

  5. Stablecoins is solving the price stability issue and it’s best suited for payments. This is why I’m excited about NGM’s stablecoins payment platform with EEUR and 4 other stablecoins which are fully collateralized and audited quarterly by Ernst & Young.


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