Despite what people say on this sub, expect crypto to get ALOT worse short term.

This sub is not a great place to get accurate information as to the state of the crypto market. We are mostly hopium injecting moon farmers here.

Truthfully the world is not in a good economic place right now, inflation is squeezing people’s budgets, war and covid are creating supply shortages, rates are set to rise. It’s a perfect storm.

The reality is people are having to adjust the budget and don’t have much to spare. Discretionary expenses are the first to go and unfortunately poor old crypto, being a speculative high risk asset class is one of the first to have money taken out of it.

If you want the truth it will get much worse here short term before it gets better. I am bullish on the long term trajectory, but short term expect the suicide hotline to be pinned to the top of this sub soon.

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35 thoughts on “Despite what people say on this sub, expect crypto to get ALOT worse short term.”

  1. The activity in this sub has gone down a lot (even with Moons as an incentive).

    As the activity decreases, you’ll see more and more die-hard crypto people and fewer newbies. This will cause arguably too much hopium and justification for a bull run, where perhaps none exists…

  2. >This sub is not a great place to get accurate information as to the state of the crypto market.

    *Coming from a guy in this sub telling me to expect that the market will get a lot worse in the short term.*

  3. Lol, 3 days ago OP asked what coins he should buy to take advantage of the low prices, now he predicts a crash. Very reliable prediction.

    But OP is right with one thing: This sub isn’t a great place for financial advice. Warren Buffett is buying stocks like there is no tomorrow, this sub is in Doom&Gloom mode. Future will tell who’s smarter, but I’d go with the guy who made billions over billions in his investment career and not a sub flooded with 18y olds that figured out how to use Robinhood.

  4. Constantly torn between buying in on red days like this and keeping my stables ready for the massively discounted crypto armageddon that may never come

  5. we’re already in the eye of the storm.

    so i would not recommend to stop investing. maybe the second part of the strom will hit even harder, but maybe we’re had already the worst and buying now could be a good opportunity.

  6. The truth is no one really knows. Despite covid in the last 2 years, crypto went on a run a lot. The war is a non-factor right now. Inflation will only make fiat’s value lower while increasing crypto’s value.

  7. I’m torn because I love seeing green days but at the same time, buying in times of red is a blast. Guess I am happy either way. Not selling bags for a few years at least, so come what may.

  8. A lot can go wrong, the FED hiking rates, the war continuing to waste resources and a pretty big recession on the horizon etc.

    but I fully believe we’ll hit 100k by EOY 2021

  9. Time in the market beats timing the market.

    Over 90% of traders lose money and give up.

    To time the market you have to be right twice.
    When to get out.
    When to get back in.

    To time the market you are saying you know more than the market does and you can do it on a consistent basis.
    Chances are you don’t.

    DCA with a end of decade time horizon.

  10. I’m still not seeing what the news it peddling about the economy in real life. People aren’t saying that have to cut back because of inflation around me. I’m on vacation now and every restaurant is packed, the roads are packed.

  11. this sub is one of the most pessimistic groups i’ve found. i’m always reading about how people think what’s going to happen will exactly mimic what happened before. that is crazy because this is crypto. ALL of this is brand new.

    i used to cash out btc and then buy back in after it dropped a few grand. did it several times. then, the last time i sold it at 10k, guess what. i screwed myself. it never went back. it never went back because the game changed as newer uses came out. that keeps happening.

    btc isn’t going to go below 30k again because unlike the last time it dropped 60%, we now have several HUGE institutions and countries buying it up for different purposes. that alone is a massive game changer. everyday more banks and experts are admitting that btc is all but officially a currency.

    the vast majority of people hating on it and crypto in general are old guys who are picturing their thrones being toppled and an american political party who needs their voters to stay poor.

    we may go down a little bit more, while i don’t like it, as i have a leveraged position i am deeply regretting, it’s probably likely. but, to say that btc is going to crash? not seeing that. low 30’s maybe, but there is A LOT of support for btc and that always translates to more money moving into all other crypto.

  12. I’ve been taking this bear market time to reconsider my investments and my conclusion is that there is no other asset I’d like to hold my money in than BTC and ETH.

  13. >This sub is not a great place to get accurate information as to the state of the crypto market.

    This is exactly why I should’ve stopped reading your post 😛

    >The reality is people are having to adjust the budget and don’t havemuch to spare.

    You mean people are pulling the 50k they’ve got in crypto because tomatos are getting more expensive?

  14. Personally I think we’ll be hovering around 40k for a long time

    My reason is that while everything you’re saying it plausible, we’re seeing mass adoption as a currency in some countries (more will follow) and I think that will offset the economic losses you’re talking about.

  15. First time I made a right decision lool, cashed in about 20% gains on the portfolio and got out 2 months ago. Waiting for a huge dip later this year, almost certain of it. Wait and accumulate!

  16. This isn’t unreasonable. There is a lot of uncertainty at the moment and it doesn’t look good.

    But the market is unpredictable and things could change at the drop of a hat. But for this to happen some stability must return.

    I personally think that it will get worse in the short term. But crypto will survive and ultimately thrive in the long run.


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