Desperately seeking a mind blowing beautiful crypto / defi project that will embrace me.

I’m just a fish in a large pond with Bitcoin and Eth. I’m a professional video director/editor.

I love telling stories if I believe in the projects.

I’ve worked for big brands. I’ve been through the dot com boom.

I guess I’m a purist. I’m liberal. I wanna do good for the future generations. I wanna be paid but equally I do free stuff. I want to create and not just use stock footage.

I earn my money. I work hard.

I’m unstoppable if I believe.

Currently without a mind blowing crypto project.

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14 thoughts on “Desperately seeking a mind blowing beautiful crypto / defi project that will embrace me.”

  1. Let the shilling begin…

    Ok I’ll bite: my personal favorite besides BTC and ETH is FET for sure. Why?

    1. has good real life working cases
    2. There is a very experienced team (ex deepmind)
    3. There is tremendous growth possible (ok, this is my opinion)
    4. The interaction with the community is top notch, so you can directly communicate during one of the ama’s with the board members and team members

  2. Gamestop and loopring checks your boxes.

    Cardano fulfills your desire to help the helpless.

    Helium is like no other crypto.

    Ethereum is corporatecoin (do a documentary on the ethereum enterprise alliance)

    There is 4 for you.

  3. Not sure what utility or mission you’d like from a project. EverRise (RISE) has had an incredible track record for innovation and transparency.

    I’ve been doing research on Node Projects but haven’t been able to pull the trigger on any quite yet. From some of what I’ve read, great avenue for passive income across most of those. Could be an interesting area to explore as well.

  4. I think you may find some kinship with Blockzero Labs. They’re/we’re a group/organization/team who really tries to hold fast with the larger Ethereum principles while maintaining integrity and fostering kindness.

    The founder is the same person who, if you were around in late 2017 (I think), came up with the first hyper-deflationary token just for fun – the BOMB token – which got really, really popular and kinda went viral there for a while.

    Anyway, it would be worth your time, I think, if you looked more into [BZ!]( There’s a fairly large community and spots for full core members and otherwise available.

  5. Kadena is a layer 1 Blockchain with a solid team and great tech that scales. Kadena imo is a hidden gem. It’s still newish and it’s defi dapps are just starting to happen. It’s early still but look at kadena absolutely. This is a layer 1 that claims to solve the blockchain trilemma. 20 chains sharded and in sync, to be able to handle high tps and while not sacrificing security. POW also.

  6. I love Banano because it’s a fun and wholesome project.
    There is no mining incentive but you can [email protected].
    It is similar to mining because you provide your pc power to others, but you provide it to universities, researchers and scientists in order to help curing diseases

  7. Did you know that the shape of a heart was meant to emulate that of a female behind when she’s bent over? Sorry to make a romantic simple sexist but it’s true – like the arrow in the FedEx logo you can never on see it now

  8. Check out Pitquidity Token. They have been around for a few months and provide sustainable passive income. Cool stuff in my opinion.

  9. You just got yourself a mind blowing project. Have you heard about Unido? a DeFi project built on Polkadot. It is an enterprise DeFi and it is currently having the beta release of its enterprise platform. I think that’s the mind blowing project you’ve been looking for.

  10. Check out the subsquid, a query node framework that eases the querying of substrate-based blockchains. Its solution is already adopted by moonriver network, and many others. you should check on them.


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