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I’m Dominik, co-founder and most important, a community member of CryptoToday – a Decentralized Crypto Data Provider best described as decentralized CoinMarketCap with the Vote-2-Earn feature.

We beat the current coin listing sites by taking the centralization and their desire for bribe-taking, begging, and pleading to get listed there to the hands of the community with CryptoToday decentralized project. In short, any project now will be able to get listed, at a community-set low price, verified by the community, listed by the community. No need to buy favors.


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I wanted to reach out to you and ask if you want to be one of the first projects listed on CryptoToday, and place your project among others, such as Verge Currency and PIVX?

More and more projects have problems with CoinMarketCap, and we really want to put an end to this through complete decentralization and putting power in the hands of the community.

Important – Our Hacken audit will be done soon.

Just think about it, how many times you were manipulated by CMC by being unfairly listed and them providing false information, let’s change that!?

All we are asking for is mutual support on Twitter and Telegram to inform our communities that we are working together to fight for decentralization.

**Tweet example:**

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Anthony Pompliano talked recently about CryptoToday on his podcast:

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We are accepting and answering questions.

Best regards,

CryptoToday Team

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