Decentralization is the way. An Iranian family’s struggle with sanctions.

Rant. We are normal people. We have no criminal record. We just want to lead normal lives.

A simple money transfer has taken over 20 days, and when finally sent it was rejected as Iranians cannot have a USD account.

No, more like I can’t transfer USD using *banks*.

It took 20 days. Unfortunately, my father ended up taking a risk, flew out of the country and physically brought USD cash into Turkey.

What could have been done in less than an hour using a crypto exchange ended up taking 23 Days and a lot of unnecessary risk.

Unless you’re from a select group of very *special* countries you don’t know what it’s like to have something like crypto in your life. The sheer difficulty to send 100KUSD almost had us losing out on a property deal.

Point to note: We HAD to send USD as Turkey needs to see *only* USD being exchanged to Turkish Lira for foreign property purchases.

My father does not understand crypto and wouldn’t listen to me and frankly even id be cautious.

It should not be this difficult, but it is. Just made me appreciate what a blessing it is to be able to do a simple transfer that easily.

Viva BTC ✌🏼

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20 thoughts on “Decentralization is the way. An Iranian family’s struggle with sanctions.”

  1. I live in Turkey and I had a similar situation that ended up being solved by Crypto. When people ask what problem Crypto solves you can tell they live in a first world bubble.

  2. The Ukraine conflict really solidified my belief in BTC. Seeing people that I know lose their life savings overnight and not being able to take wealth out of the country was a surreal experience.

  3. I visited Iran as an American and got a local debit “gift” card to not carry around bricks of cash, and a service there allowed me to top it up with USDC. A lot of young people very versed in crypto!

  4. Im just worried that with how turkeys currency controls are, the exchanges might have stopped you from withdrawing from your exchange.

    Always think of it as a possibility. Your father was right to be cautious.

  5. Priviledged people don’t understand because they didn’t grow up in it. I grew up in the same situation and we still stuck in there, everything we do is being watched, You are literally forced to not file taxes and then you are a criminal because you can’t file them.

    I had transfers of like 250$ stuck in the bank because the national bank found it suspect. meanwhile others doing millions of euros illegally obtained and no one questions them

    Happy I found a way to get around that with fiat, and have access to chains, so if needed, BTC and ALGO serves to what I need

    But with that, I am happy i found tools within Crypto, Can just invest with Angelblock, can use nft tools. Have access to money basically without hinderance.

  6. I usually get downvoted when people for some reason on this sub defends traditional fiat, or even just discussing fiat’s pro’s and con’s.

    FIAT carries the weight of political agenda and is even used as warfare in different means. Sanctions are a real tool for FIAT coming from any country if their economy is big and strong enough.

    Coming from a US citizen. Our government has been doing this to many countries.

  7. Was able to visit Iran before covid and it’s really a beautiful place, but political situations are really awful, hope situation gets better there

  8. Glad it worked out for you. Sanctions are supposed to make your life hell so you overthrow your government. They are supposed to be the ultimate non-War way to punish a badly behaving foreign government. The only way to punish a government is to make them poor and get their citizens to revolt.

    Im glad crypto could have helped your family, but I do think sanctions are good policy generally. It is a little alarming that the decentralization nature of crypto will lead to far more agression toward misbehaving foreign governments. If crypto was further along 10 years ago the only political move against Iran would have been an invasion and toppling the government with western military. I dont know that that is a better world. Financial sanctions are better than bombs and bullets.

  9. > and frankly even id be cautious.

    Yeah. I hear you on how much smoother and faster the process would be, but you still need to do fiat conversion on both ends for this particular transaction. In the time involved, the price of BTC can jump spectacularly, as has happened over the past 24 hours.

    We’re getting there.

  10. The worst part is exchanges are being hit for offering services to Iran as well

    Hopefully P2P and other local exchanges will pop up soon

  11. Can you explain how BTC will solve this? If they only allow USD, BTC won’t help. And I don’t see this will change.

  12. As someone who live in first world, in Europe I fully agree. Many people are dumb and naive and they don’t understand how much crypto help people around the world. They are brainwashed to think everything is so easy and simple in other countries.

  13. People bring up Crypto as a means to bypass sanctions all the time. Normally as a bad thing since if sanctions stop working military action is next.

  14. Anyone in this sub that truly cares about decentralization and having a modern, high tech, permissionless smart contract platform, should support Ergo. True grassroots crypto.


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