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44 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – July 5, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. It’s going to be funny when July 28th comes and the US GDP is down 1% confirming a recession and then the market pumps and wrecks all the retail shorters. Called it here first

  2. ‘Member wen all the GME/AMC apes flooded crypto with their reckless hopium?

    Never thought I’d say it but we could do with an Elon Doge tweet or two about now.

    Did SHIB ever launch their much touted Metaverse lulz.

  3. I keep getting an error when I try to buy the membership with moons on mobile. I’ve tried multiple times throughout the day. Do I have to do it from a PC?

  4. I got a text asking 10BTC to release my wife. I almost sent it then I remembered I had no wife. I ate her during this bear market

  5. I consider myself a Bitcoiner but I must admit I worry that the staunch commitment to the current protocol concerns me. It’s almost impossible to get the community to try to change things and this effective immutability is both the best thing and the worst thing about Bitcoin. I don’t see how it can keep growing for more than 10-15 years if this doesn’t change.

  6. Fellow moon enjoyers – soon the snapshot will arrive. Get your finest clothes ![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|this_is_gentlemen)

  7. What the fuck guys, you told me Bitcoin was a store of value… inflation is 8% so why am I down 40% ??

  8. Are Celsius users funds still in jeopardy even if they repay all their loan debt? Or would it be all over once they pay them off?

  9. If you joined crypto on the last 9-12 months and survive, you’ll hate yourself for 6 months and consider yourself a genius in 2023

  10. Experiment:

    Find 10 people that don’t know anything about crypto and offer them these cryptos to use:

    LTC, BTC, ETH, BCH, DOGE, XLM, XMR, XRP, and many more. Have them use each one and report which one is their favorite.

    I guarantee you that all 10 will choose LTC.

  11. Thinking of setting some reoccurring buys. Probably weekly, on Sundays.

    ETH and BTC for sure, DOT and ALGO as well.

    Will keep buying USDC for a stable.

    Might keep HBAR and CKB for a smaller portion of my portfolio, but I’d like to rebuilt over the next few years at least.

  12. Lots of “get your coins off exchanges” lately but you know what? I like the APY for holding (not stables) on the big exchanges. Its helped mitigate the losses so far this year.

  13. For anyone who understands economics more than I, or is following it more thoroughly: are we heading into recession?

    I have a feeling things might get way worse before they get any better. Trying to understand this theory a bit better before trying to buy back into some crypto.

  14. Okay I just got a sub membership, so the first thing I’m going to do is post a boss baby gif.


  15. Bitcoin’s correlation to the S&P500 has continued to dropped to 0.63.

    Still a moderate correlation, but no longer a strong correlation.

  16. I coded up a software that statistically dca’s the bottom for anything but I don’t know how to scale it for countless of users. What should I do to bring awareness of it?

  17. What if Jim cramer calling Bitcoin an “awful asset” market the bottom for now 🤣

    Inverse Jim cramer

  18. Two years ago — when bitcoin was trading under $4,000 — no one would have believed you had you told them bitcoin would be in a bear market in two years… trading at $20,000

  19. why do people post about what Jim “Cocaine” Cramer has to say about crypto?

    stop giving him attention and all your problems go away, seriously

  20. Finally set up a Ledger Nano X to hold my BTC, SOL, AVAX, ATOM rather than having it sit on Coinbase. Still have all my ETH staked there so not 100% owner of my keys yet.

    Feels good.

  21. So many people are so desperate to see btc go down so they can take victory lap and say “I told you so”

    I will keep buying on the way down btw


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