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47 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – July 31, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. It’s been more than a year since I have been in crypto, investing and learning, and getting that experience, and that experience tells me I haven’t learned shite

  2. Tip: u can print out the entire backup for google 2fa as a QR code in case U lose your phone. Don’t even need an extra phone.

  3. Its sad that being granted a custom flair on here is one of the most exciting things happening in my life right now

  4. Screw it I just FOMOed in.

    I had sold my crypto a few days ago and couldn’t sleep well cause of worrying the price would keep pumping. I have been waiting for a small dip to buy back with a small profit and right now is my chance to get back in the market. Even if it crashes more, at least I can sleep better tonight.

  5. I think I’m totally fine just kicking back and waiting and just leaving my bag for a long period of time to see what happens. Worrying over this is pointless. I’m in it, that’s good enough.

  6. Anyone rocking multiple hardware wallets? I’ve never had a Ledger and I’m tempted to pick up a Nano S plus, and then splitting my stack 50/50 between that and my Trezor one.

    I know one is probably secure enough, but then if I somehow get compromised with one, I only lose 50% and not 100%

  7. For those of you who entered at high prices and are down, i hope you have patience to HODL and take profit in the future.

    For those of you who are entering now, i hope you accumulate well and make big money in the future.

  8. I really hope we get some posts warning about how next week is gonna be brutal, a bloodbath, and how there’s all these news coming up that will tank crypto.

    That usually helps guarantee we will have a green week.

  9. I am kinda hating the term “priced in”. It seems to be an answer to all the curious price actions happening with coins.

  10. So it’s been super easy to “buy the dip” the whole way down this past 7 months. But I’m struggling with developing my strategy for buying on the way back up.

    I have many leftover low limit orders from a few weeks ago that I had left in place in case the FED/recession announcements dumped the market. I figure I’ll leave those for now and start popping in some higher ones. Given today’s higher prices are still below my averages, I’ll still be averaging down, it just won’t be as *juicy*.

    Anyone else struggling after 7+ months of regular crypto beatings and the PTSD that goes with it? And how to navigate an upturn in the market in the event it lasts for a bit?

    And no, I refuse to blindly DCA into a highly volatile market. The volatility is the reason I’m here.

    Edit: TLDR – I’m finding it difficult to hit the buy button on higher prices after months of dumping, but still want to add to my bags. What’s you buy strategy for the market upswing?

  11. Normally during bear markets, bitcoin dominance rises as BTC falls less than other coins. This time though, not so much. Bitcoin dominance has remained steady at a relatively poor level ever since the mini-crash last year. The only time it has been at a significantly worse level than now, was a couple of months back in early 2018 near the volatile peak and subsequent crash of that cycle.

    If this doesn’t change, I think the narrative of BTC being the safest coin to hold, especially in crypto winters, could start to fail, and that could have serious consequences on the future price of BTC in the long-term. Like a negative feedback spiral.

  12. The bots are improving, and now are able to answer in the same hour. Still being sub 200-1000 moonless karma accounts, most of them with the same pattern of random comments here, in BTC, monero…

    But the day that they learn to say ‘feels fine to DCA in eth’, ‘nice green’, absurd high BTC predictions, to share ramen recipes or do dad jokes with crypto… Forget the karma distribution


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