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40 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – July 27, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. Pro tip. Collect your moons, crypto, and tech stock over the next 2 years and hold for 10. You will be rich in 10 years. Good luck 👍

  2. I’m just waiting for my ATV crap coin on Coinbase to pop off again. It’s has room for a 50-70 2 day climb.

    Any day now.

  3. Seriously though, does an educated primate in here want to tell me what this godly spike is possibly from or is everyone just as lost ?

  4. 100% I’m going to long ETC each time it dumps because nothing can stop it from pumping those miners know what’s up

  5. Why is it so hard to time the market once? I just wanna increase my holding, promise i wont get greedy 🙃

  6. Oh ffs. +7 UTC here, fell asleep last night at 11PM waiting for that news to land. Just woke up at 6:30 AM to find everything up 5%. It’s nice, but my DCA stash is annoyingly unspent.

  7. Stop saying that a July recovery/small run is irrational. These are the times the Bitcoin HODLers come out of their caves and buy.

    The indicators told us since last month these are the prices that make easy profits in 2-4 years.

    Don’t believe in the historical price indicators? Well enough people do that they do have some significance whether you admit it or not.

  8. I’m itching to pull the trigger and start buying some alts when we go down next time, but I’m not convinced we’ve found the bottom yet.

  9. I know a lot can happen in a few days, but it seems like BTC will be posting its first green monthly candle for a while (because it sure feels like it’s been **a while**)

  10. I know that what happened in the past doesn’t necessarily happens again and bla bla bla.
    But we always got in the last months a green day after the Fed meeting followed by a dump .
    The only difference is that next month won’t be a meeting.
    So guys take it easy even if as usual, nobody know shit about fuck

  11. Ens is approaching the price I said I would sell at but greed is making it hard. Gotta stick to the plan and take profits right?

  12. The markets are so irrational. An interest rate hike is not supposed to cause a massive pump. This is why you cannot time the bottom

  13. Could anyone tell me which website/service this address (Litecoin) is stored on? MWT2JJnUSmFYA2GbEuizjDeQS64V6LSHFM


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