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42 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – August 1, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. Really hard to make crypto trustworthy to your average joe if everyday we get a new hack and a few more millions stolen.

    Devs need to step up their game

  2. Anybody know any good micro cap coins to buy on coinbase pro? I’m looking for new listings. I want to maximize profit once the bull run starts. Thanks In advance!

  3. I would buy a reddit NFT. But I didn’t find any of them cool.. They all kinda suck tbh. Don’t mean to hate. It’s just my personal opinion.

  4. Everyone expecting ETH to go up after the merge makes me so scared because crypto often goes opposite to popular sentiment and news

    It’s kinda superstition at this point but I can see ETH crashing for no reason afterwards other than it was overbought/ buy the rumor sell the news’d

    Hate this market so much

  5. is it even worth investing into a BTC-ETH pool with a low amount? Been looking through liquidity pools for this pair recently, and I’m not looking for any crazy amount to invest, just $100 of each, but it seems that the fees to put the money into the pool/transfer between wallets to get the crypto into a wallet that the pool accepts, constantly outweighs how much I would be getting in APY. In most cases, it would take 2-3 years just to pay off what I owed in fees to get into the pool. Should I just stick to holding if I want to put in such a small amount? Thanks for the hep in advance.

  6. Those crypto YouTubers are getting ridiculous, saw one about why Shiba is doomed with a picture of Vladimir Putin looking down on Shiba, like what?

  7. Can someone ELI5 why coins have an inflation rate (like DOT)?
    The only thing I can think of it doing is supressing the price action, but I’m a total crypto noob

  8. Real question.

    Any platforms like ActBlue or GoFundMe that transfers money raised for local political candidates to a crypto wallet, preferably USDC?

    Edit: And allows donators visibility to see their transactions. Basically opening a bank account for these donations has too many roadblocks.

    Just raising USDC to a personal wallet isn’t transparent enough.

  9. On the one hand, I’m mad my trezor one doesn’t support a bunch of coins I’m interested in.

    On the other hand, I’m glad my trezor one doesn’t support a bunch of coins I’ll probably lose money on.

  10. If you’re concerned about a war with China, ask yourself how many Chinese items in your house lasted more than a year.

    So with that said, we would be better off watching the charts and making our next crypto move. When this is over and nothing happens. The markets will react positively. Meaning buy the dip and sell the news.

  11. I looked at a lot of YouTube TA video yesterday and I keep hearing that we’ll go to the downside for a little bit and go up to 27-28k or previous support and get rejected. Basically hardcore crabbing. If you’re a long term holder it doesn’t really matter

  12. I’m trying to learn more about Crypto trading, and sometimes I’ll see mentions of “the next Bitcoin resistance is at $24K” or something along those lines. I understand the gist of that sentence, but where else can I get this information from to knowing what the next “resistance price” is going to be? Thanks!

  13. I am thinking about printing out a fake seed phrase and “hiding” IT near my Ledger. So a Thief would take IT and wont Look further. What do u Guys think ?:D or i use one of those Ledger SEED phrase cards and Put IT Back in the Container 😀 Like a decoy

  14. The smartass and taking profits ….we will have fun when unexpectedly everything goes f diabolically parabolic and almost every top 100 project has 5X in 2 months lol ….

  15. How involved is Charles with cardano, since he has alot of other ambitions and things he does. Is he kind of like Vitalik where he’s removed but still the “face”

  16. Lmao everybody worried about Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

    Relax lol, I’ve also visited Taiwan last month and china didn’t start a war when I did.

  17. at what portfolio price will you cash out and walk away? I’ve had it to be honest. in since 2017 top and desperately waiting for my portfolio to turn “big”

    a 100k total worth would be ok by me


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