Cryptolympics Game #11 – BNB v DOGE

Cryptolympics Game #11 is here! [(Master Thread)](

Round 1 is officially complete (read the [wrap up]( and now that every participant has had their chance to take the stage, the action is back in Pool B for the 2nd round of matchups, today it’s Binance Coin (BNB) v Dogecoin (DOGE) !

**Previously in Pool B at the Cryptolympics..**

[DOT crush BNB](

[DOGE defeats LINK](

**Current Standings**


|Pool B|W|D|L|VF|VA|VD|Pts|
|DOT|1|0|0|125|6|\+ 119|3|
|DOGE|1|0|0|69|49|\+ 20|3|
|LINK|0|0|1|49|69|\- 20|0|
|BNB|0|0|1|6|125|\- 119|0|


There were contrasting emotions between these two participants in their opening round of matchups

BNB were humiliated after gaining only 6 votes in a crippling triple-digit loss to DOT and will need a significant improvement on that performance if they are to stay in the competition.

On the other side, DOGE came out of the starting blocks like a rocket and pulled off a famous victory against LINK in a spirited and memorable performance, dare we say that on current form DOGE are favourites in this matchup and another win will see them into the knockout phase of the competition with a game to spare.

But there are no easy paths to success and BNB will be out to prove that their last performance is not reflective of their future success! As is likely the case when DOGE are involved, entertainment is guaranteed!


**Tale of the tape**

|Participant|Market Cap ($)|Max Supply|All-time High ($)|1 year %|
|BNB|72 billion|168 million|686|\+ 39.9|
|DOGE|19.5 billion|Infinite|0.73|\+ 146.3|

It’s time to pick your winner, [r/Cryptocurrency]( !






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