Crypto isn’t the only thing that is down these last months, r/cryptocurrency has seen a drop of 36.6% participation

In the last three months we have seen bitcoin and other crypto’s take a huge drop in value but at the same time r/CryptoCurrency has dropped by 36.6% in participation.

I know the big joke on the sub used to be that we had so many unnecessary post and moon farmers posting comments like “ALGO” and “WE ARE EARLY”, but these last couple of months have felt slower on the sub. I compared the stats from 11-21-2021 to 02-15-2022 (21-11-21 to 15-02-22 for the Europeans) see images below to compare for yourself.


* post per day dropped from 893 to 677
* comments per day dropped from 21,723 to 13,775
* peak comments were August 10-2021






[post per day 02\/15\/2022](


[comments per day 02\/15\/2022](

^(I used the date of 11-21-2021 because that is the only screen shot I had from the website) [^(]( ^(that I used for the screen shots and info.)

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32 thoughts on “Crypto isn’t the only thing that is down these last months, r/cryptocurrency has seen a drop of 36.6% participation”

  1. Lets be honest. Given the absolute top potential this sub could have in terms of intelligent commentary and discussion on topics related to crypto currency, it is solidly fucking terrible lol.

    Crypto go high, sub go big. Price go down, people feel bad and go away.

    EDIT: Apparently I’ve been on reddit for 10 years – holy shit

  2. It feels like all posts from here are the same thing over and over.

    We are early

    Possible pump

    It’s going to drop to 0

    X person said crypto is good

    Whale moves Bitcoin

    My coin is great, here’s why


  3. There’s less enthusiasm and less to comment on. If others are like me I keep buying dips and filling out my bags. Lowering my DCA. And keeping my yap shut. It’s a long line of people who would love to scoff and jeer and I have nothing to offer back in reply. I choose not to engage. So I wait. One of two things will occur. It will dip harder. And the masochistic pragmatic in me wants to buy at bargain basement prices. I want it to moon certainly. Just…..not quite yet. The more I buy the more I want to buy. And I keep thinking if this coin will only dip to here then my DCA will be here. But crypto is like a boiling kettle it’s going to blow and be life changing over night…..someday very soon. I’m just not quite done playing robber-baron. I look at BTC and think if only I had loaded up back then. Well, today is tomorrows “back then”. Take advantage if you think you look good in a tux driving an Aston Martin in Monte Carlo.

  4. I gave up on this sub a long time ago, and it basically boils down to moon farming having destroyed any quality posts/comments. Make a serious comment pointing out factual stuff, get ignored or downvoted (if it contradicts inaccurate hyperbole being posted), but if you post some utterly stupid comment then you get all the upvotes and recognition.

    If we want this sub to actually be worth more than the pile of shit MOONS everyone is after, then we need to get rid of MOONS. I won’t take this sub seriously until that happens.

  5. Perhaps if people here weren’t so hostile to noobies asking questions and bashing on everyone using platforms such as Binance, then people would be more inclined to post and comment ? I have been on Reddit for a while and this sub is legit worse than r/politics and god knows the bar was low.

  6. Nothing insightful anymore. Used to be a lot of Fact based shilling with lots of information. That stopped mid last year to early last year. Or got drowned out by the shit house moon farming

  7. This is absolutely normal. The Markets and especially Crypto markets are driven by hype, by the ups and downs. What is there the comment right now, Crypto graphs becoming more and more stable coins as of recent, nothing groundbreaking has happened, no sensations, nothing to move more people posting around here.

  8. This sub needs to provide more value to new investors. The about page should be filled with resources and trainings about responsibly owning and mining crypto. Instead this subreddit is used to pump and dump coins and screw over its own members.

    Look at what superstonk does to funnel users to take a single action, register their GME shares. A similar focus on educating people on several key bullet points like how to keep crypto safely off exchanges, how to safely send and receive crypto, and how to safely invest it would help the subreddit and crypto space I believe.

    Edit to finish a sentence.

  9. It’s kind of expected, look at what happened to WSB, they had massive suscriptions when the whole AMC/Gamestop gimmick was going on, and then? Over the next 3 months about 75% of those people went away.

    Seems like they got in, expected to get rich in 2 days following random comments and when that didn’t work they ran off.

  10. It definitely has some correlation. People that are less enthusiastic about the price are checking out of social media for their mental health. And I’m not saying that you’re being negative, but this move should be applauded rather than ridiculed. We’ve got plenty of negativity going around as it is, so let’s try to remember the human element.

  11. Yes, r/cryptocurrency has been trending down because Reddit has become flooded with new crypto subreddits, and people are integrating elsewhere.

    Also many new crypto projects are encouraging their holders to use their Telegram/Discord over Reddit. It’s a combination of factors. This isn’t a reflection on crypto as a whole, only that r/cryptocurrency is becoming less popular with those that trade crypto.


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