Crypto is a gateway to Corporate dystopia!

Nowadays, big companies, like Amazon and Facebook, spend loads of money/resources to farm individual information to teach their AIs how to predict your behavior. For example, Amazon has a program paying you to upload your receipts of weekly expenses. Their main goal is to learn how to best condition you into buying their products or to help generate ad revenue.

However, they face a couple of challenges.

1) It costs them a lot of money to extract your information.

2) You can selectively choose what information to provide. Therefore, they don’t get the complete picture of your life.

If all commerce moves onto blockchains, these big companies will get all your transaction information without the challenges they face now. Their AI may even learn to know your consumption behavior better than you.

I want to say this because I find blockchain’s transparency is somewhat at odds with Web 3’s revolt. Web 3 wants to combat large tech companies’ influence on you because they have your data. But at least with Web 2, it is easier to control what information you want to provide to the FAANGs. With blockchain, you are exposed naked as soon as you use your private wallet to transact.

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12 thoughts on “Crypto is a gateway to Corporate dystopia!”

  1. I get the point that you are trying to make. But you also need to understand that data can be stored with encryption. So lets say that all your data on the blockchain is now encrypted with only you having the say on who gets the key. If you click on allow cookies now, in the future you will be clicking allow access to my browsing behaviour and so forth.

    And there you can also think of a system like BAT. For every month of access you provide, you get paid in BAT. The company analyses this and suggests you things hoping you buy.

    Then there are also programs and scripts that allow you to setup fake views and browsing history to ensure that your online profile is gibberish and does not add anything in value to the AI that tries to suggest you anything.

    A lot of things are possible if we use 2 or 3 technologies in tandem

  2. Crypto is big brother dystopia. But it’s unavoidable. It’s coming. I’ve said all this for years on here. People scoffed. It will lead to the end of cash. No transactions will be private. All of your money will be easily seized, stopped, and controlled. There’s no stopping any of this. This is why it was invented.

    But in the meantime I’m going to make money from it. ✌️✌️

  3. Data in the blockchain is encrypted and you hold the keys as to what can be decrypted.
    If you don’t want to share certain data, it is impossible for them to get it.

    Also it depends on a system is architected, but digital identity is quite interesting.
    I think the easiest example you can give is that if you go to a club now they need to look at your ID and will see everything. Age, name, social security number, etc.
    With digital identity and web3 you only give access to what is needed.
    In the passport example that means they simply get a YES or NO message if your age is above the minimum. Nothing else is revealed.

    of course the ID example is a bit simplistic but it’s the easiest way to explain how such a system gives the user way more control over their data. If you don’t allow for them to see it, they can’t see it.


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