Crypto Influencers and their 30 pieces of Silver.

Hello All, hope you’re all well this weekend.

I’m writing a piece on Crypto Influencers for newcomers to Crypto and am curious where Influencers find the bounties they chase with their YT videos and social media posts.

I know individual projects list bounties on their sites (sometimes) but was wondering if anyone has put a directory together online that these people go to. I’ve looked but don’t see an obvious candidate.

The point is that hopefully knowing which projects are being shilled like hell can help people tell the difference between genuine grass roots interest in a project and paid-for advertising by influencers who dont really give a damn about their audience…. well thats what Im hoping to achieve (not that you care but hey….500 characters is necessary).

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12 thoughts on “Crypto Influencers and their 30 pieces of Silver.”

  1. Check out zachxbt (iirc) on twitter.

    He posts rug pulls etc. However he also recently posted a “shill price list” of a lot of youtube/twitter accounts.

    You could find names on the list and go to their channel and see what they’re shilling.

    Might help, I dunno!

  2. Are their bounties in crypto…in advertising….air drops? Not a clue where to look though there are a few that genuinely do believe in the tech

  3. I think A LOT of them are actively approached by those project and offered a share to shill it.
    Let’s not forget that for 90% of the YTers its just a job to earn money.
    Certain channels are indeed actually informative and well informed…most are just open to earn a quick buck.

  4. One starting point could be looking at the ridiculous thumbnails of the youtube videos of these people. You know who I’m talking about.


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