coin (CRO) has rebranded to be called CRONOS

The coin (CRO) has just been rebranded as CRONOS in the app. This is giving the coin the same name as the cronos mainnet which is currently in beta.

I think this is a welcome name change, personally I was always confused why they had the name “ coin”. It’s awful, so much so that everyone simply called it CRO.

The new name is presumably after the mythological Greek titan Cronus, son of Uranus, ruler of the universe. Although it could be named after the similarly named Chronos, a different Greek titan who was essentially the father of the cosmos.

I think the new name is awesome, it sounds cool, rolls off the tongue nicely and brings some of the ecosystem together. What are peoples thoughts on this name update?


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40 thoughts on “ coin (CRO) has rebranded to be called CRONOS”

  1. Honestly it does feel like they are trying to distance themselves from the website name so this could either be a step towards less centralization or less transparency. Time will tell.

  2. just my opinion: this name change could have been made in anticipation of a possible listing on other exchanges. I don’t think other exchanges would have accepted the idea of ​​having a coin called “” on their site.

  3. Not to be confused with Kronos, who knew about their shortcomings and didn’t do anything until a cyberattack brought thousands of their customer’s systems down.

    Then told their customers they should have had a backup plan for this, when they didn’t have a backup plan themselves.

    Yes, my bum still hurts over this.

  4. The board meeting definitely went like this.

    “We need to rebrand our Coin Name”

    “What about Cronos? Starts with CRO?”

    “Fucking genius”

  5. Honestly. I think it was stupid. They had the opportunity to just say CRO is short for “crypto” and be done with it. It would have simplified the marketing and help get more muggles on board.

    CRONOS has the whole mythology back story and the association with time that I think will not resonate with many out amongst the normals.

  6. This sub should just change its name to for all the endless marketing and content about the brand every single fucking day


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