Crypto/ blockchain is now in the phase where everyone has heard of it but no one realises that one day they’ll wonder how they lived without it.

Sub seems to have been infiltrated way too much cynical Anti-Crypto sentiment these days.. so some positive for balance.

Good or bad crypto is now as big a part of the mainstream conversation as its ever been. These days it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Its a bit like the birth of the internet.. many just assumed it was only for the youth of society.. wasting their time on it playing games.These days if the WiFi drops out for 5mins people lose their shit.

When manufacturers dropped physical buttons from cellphones and replaced them with touch screens.. many rubbished the concept and clung on to any phone they with physical buttons they could press.. these days any form of of too many physical buttons seems to unstylish and an annoyance to many.

Crypto/ blockchain tech is currently in that same transitional phase where it’s now the labels tagged to it are now mainstream but many are still cynical and don’t fully realise that that it will become a another future technology that wasn’t fully understood and underrated that civilisations just won’t be able to live without.

**Edit (as requests for reasoning)**

The internet and today’s centralised apps are powerful but adding blockchain tech can significantly improve latency, scalability, computational power, storage, decentralisation, accountability, transparency, automation, collaboration, governance., integration and efficiency.

Centralised or decentralised… blockchain technology enhances software and the reason why governments and corporations are all looking to implement it as well as the decentralised projects we are aware of today.

Appears to be many in the comments section that are skeptical/ disbelieving of crypto and blockchain technology. I’m not really sure what’s motivating you to join/ post in a crypto sub in the first place however would suggest now your here you take a closer look at the merits and potential of the tech. Note I’m not shilling any specific project here. I just believe everyone centralised, decentralised, consumer, corporation, governments will ultimately benefit from blockchain in the future.

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25 thoughts on “Crypto/ blockchain is now in the phase where everyone has heard of it but no one realises that one day they’ll wonder how they lived without it.”

  1. You don’t give any reasons for your opinion. Let me ask you two questions:

    1. Why will it be such an impactful invention as the internet? The internet gave people access to unprecedented amounts of information, and enabled unprecedented forms of communication between people. What is the feature of blockchain that will be so revolutionary? You don’t say that.
    2. Blockchain does not necessarily imply usage of it as a currency. In essence, it is just a database that’s stored in a distributed way. Not saying that’s not useful, but in your opinion, does this imply it will still mainly be used for cryptocurrencies in the future? If so, why?

  2. The internet took off because it gave people access to information they previously didn’t have.

    Credit cards took off because it was a simpler way to handle everyday transactions.

    Smartphones took off because it provided more user friendly usability in a portable communications device.

    For the every day consumer, crypto is financially unstable, hard to use, hard to navigate, has no support network, has no integration and no fallback.

    Banks provide all of this.

    The only way for crypto to support this is for it to become centralised but then that defeats the entire purpose so you may as well just use the banking infrastructure already embedded into society.

    Smartphones and Internet were useful upgrades that expanded on the previous way of doing things.

    Having 10,000 different currencies and new ones popping up by the minute is not expanding the old way – it’s turning it into a convoluted mess.

    The idea is good. The execution has been horribly flawed and is now open to massive exit scams, rug pulls and stolen funds without a basic insurance support network.

  3. > don’t fully realise that that it will become a another future technology

    Why do you think it will? Why do you only compare it to things which were actually successful? What would be the reason for blockchain/crypto to be as successful as these other things?

    By your logic, everything that is currently not successful will have great success in the future. That’s not how it works.

  4. Maybe the fact that everyone knows about crypto/blockchain and the mass adoption never happened is a sign that it will never happen. Are you prepared to accept the end and death of this experiment?

  5. During the “birth of the internet” it exploded and saw millions of use cases.

    1 year after the Iphone reveal it was already the top selling phone in the world, in a few years the smartphone market was way bigger than other phones.

    After 13 years of crypto / blockchain, there is barely any real use cases.

  6. 5 paragraphs and 100+++ words and you never mentioned what blockchain will be used for. It’s been around since 2009 and every coins you hear are worth millions if not billions and we’re still here, stuck in saying it will be big. After existing for more than a decade, all people can say is “it’s going to be big”.

    How much time this revolutionary, groundbreaking tech need to have an actual use case?

  7. A blockchain is an immutable append-only database. I’m pretty sure most people will be able to live their lives without thinking about them.

    > Its a bit like the birth of the internet

    People here should really stop saying that.

  8. I remember when 10 years ago people believed that 3d tv would be in every home. That all movie would be shot in 3d etc…

    Now where are we ?

  9. So far the only thing I’ve seen crypto do consistently is take peoples money and leave them with less of it or nothing. This process occurs through structured Ponzi schemes, hacks, or general stupidity. You read about the odd person getting rich, but mainly its just suicide watches on the sub reddits.

    I mean the technology has been around forever, it still seems like people are trying to come up with problems for it to solve that have already been solved by another technology.

    I want to be optimistic but there really isn’t a tremendous amount to look forward to except for exchanges going bust and more people losing everything as the leverage in the space unwinds… painfully. I mean its a weekly occurrence now.

    You say the sub has been infiltrated, I think people are just seeing crypto for what it is without the hype cult obfuscation.

  10. All that text and not once did you even attempt to speculate what it is that would make crypto so useful that people will one day wonder how they lived without it.


  11. Another hopium based post comparing crypto to previous tech successes whilst ignoring the failures.

    Ok 👌

  12. Crypto is full of rug pulls and scams and has no regulations to the point that theft is rampant in the crypto scene. The only people clinging to to button cellphones were confused by touchscreens and wanted the convenience of what they knew. Very few people said “touchscreens are a bullshit fad”.

    Crypto will hang around but without being tied to a governing body it will never be fully adopted as a primary currency. People think they want no government until the government goes away and people start dying in the anarchy. The solution to poorly governed currency is not ungoverned currency.

    Some people truly want anarchy, but most just think they do because they don’t like the current government, not realizing that the alternative is worse, not better.

  13. You are completely delusional. Talk about web3 blockchain and crypto is only cryptosphere, the rest of the world don’t give a shit and will never give a shit.

    When people use fiat, they don’t give a shit how the money is created.
    When people use the web, they don’t give a shit how pages are hosted.

    What makes you think that “everyone has heard of it” ?

  14. I have to say I’m probably exactly the type of person you’re talking about but all you did was tell me to “have faith”.

    Can one example of a real world use case be given that doesn’t involve in game purchases or skins for video games or anything video game related?

  15. This is an MLM speech almost verbatim. Blockchain does not equal the internet, if you think that your a complete idiot. It just a database, that is it, there is nothing great or special about this tech. In fact it fails in almost every way.

    Good luck selling your token.

  16. Stop comparing the internet to crypto.

    Its asinine and probably why people are making fun of you and the scams and frauds that litter the space. Its NOWHERE near as groundbreaking as the internet. It couldn’t be. The internet was the culmination of all kinds of technologies relating to phone lines and networks. Crypto is simply 32 bit encryption consolidated into a decentralized ledger, basically, very akin to banking ledgers that have been around for 100’s of years. It’s an improvement.

    Internet was a foundational invention, like the invention of the airplane.

    Crypto is like the invention of the turbojet for airplanes. Useful, much better, but not groundbreaking.

    Its not a lifestyle, and its not the internet. You make it seem like a cult, and people like you make the problem worse.

    And this is coming from someone who bought BTC in 2012.

  17. Sub seems to have been infiltrated way too much cynical Anti-Crypto sentiment these days.. so some *copium* for balance.

    You are just flappin your gums boss. There’s nothing
    intelligible here.


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