Consolidate alts into BTC until everything’s fine again?

Sitting at around -53% on 6 Alts at the minute;


This is about 15% of my portfolio with rest in ETH/BTC (70%) CRO/BNB/AAVE/MANA/LTC (15%)

Really struggling to take a hit. Took a long time to build a decent portfolio, albeit a few too many, and don’t want to take the loss, but my feeling is the 6 alts mentioned, I feel could be at more risk than the others of not making it through this.

Is anyone else going through this? Or just sitting tight for now and waiting it out?

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27 thoughts on “Consolidate alts into BTC until everything’s fine again?”

  1. ADA and ALGO will recover for sure. Give it a year or so, the people who are crashing the market are banking on the best projects

  2. I just play a game with mine really. Literally and watch the tokens or coins increase in amount. Then when the values go up I go up even more in the long run.

  3. I don’t know too much about your investments. If they are good projects though (not coins you are just emotionally attached to) I would hold and continue to DCA into them.

  4. Now is the time to evaluate each alt coin, read or re-read their white paper and see if they really have a future. If so, keep holding and wait for the next bull run, if not, BTC is the best crypto exposure right now since it moves the market.

  5. just don’t take the hit then. you’re in it for the long rubln. Some.of your shitcoins might recover from this correction.

  6. Given the current conditions, Bitcoin is a life vest with holes in it, but that’s the best we have in crypto, at least. So yes. I would not touch anything other than BTC at the moment.

  7. Consolidating into btc sounds like a good idea. But I’m no financial advisor, I don’t even know what I’m doing myself, so take my advice with a grain of salt

  8. In my opinion you’ve left it too late, no one has a clue what will happen tomorrow. You’d effectively be selling more volatile assets into bitcoin which is great until you have a 100% alt run out of no where

  9. For sure consolidate your alts don’t hold them at this early stage of winter. I wish I’d known that in 2018. BTC dominance is going to go up as BTC price goes down. Which makes me ask- why consolidate to BTC? What about cash? That’s where I have funds parked at the moment. Sure I am losing 8% a year. My ability to buy a car decreases 8% a year for example. I can wear that though- my ability to buy crypto is increasing 8% a day at the moment.

  10. Hold if you believe in it. Don’t be telling us your story how you sold coin X at the all time low in 2 years.

    But it’s truly your decision. I weighted the options already. I’m holding.

  11. That definitely looks like the typical r/cc portfolio 😂

    I’d dump it all personally. But then again none of those projects interest me so I guess it depends on your personal feelings towards them.


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