Conceal – CCX | A Privacy Coin Project

I happened to run into this coin upon researching and it looks very promising.When you think of privacy, specifically in crypto, you normally think of Monaro.Let’s have a break from price focus and start talking about tech.

[Conceal]( is a POW coin and focuses on a fair distribution among the miners, no matter how early or how late you are. Bitcoin, for example, rewards the very early miners and punishes the miners who join in late with each halving. However with CCX, Their reward is constant with 6 CCX in each block.

I’ll list a few cool features that are currently available:

1. self-custodial wallet that you can access through username/password (with access to the private key) No need to write or memorize a long seed phrase with a high chance of losing.
2. Conceal ID – readable addresses
3. Conceal Pay – making it possible for anyone to accept payments or donations with ease
4. Conceal Live – A Decentralized P2P and End to End encrypted platform for video/audio calls and messages – Its currently only available on android but there’s a possibility for an iOS version.[Play Store](

This is, in my opinion, one of the coolest features.

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2 thoughts on “Conceal – CCX | A Privacy Coin Project”

  1. Privacy is going to be an essential feature in the future of public blockchain ledgers imo, especially with the emerging digital IDs. However, “privacy only” coins are seeing massive regulations from governments which can hinder adoption. Sadly privacy is appearantly not sexy and many people just don’t care about it anymore I guess.


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