Coins stuck on an exchange.

Hi guys, I’ve purchased around 5 or 6 coins on an Indian exchange and have been keeping it there only ever since I purchased them. I want to move them out to a wallet where I can actually use these coins to stake them and earn passively from them as well but the exchange has disabled transfers of crypto to other wallets and on speaking with their support they mention that it will be done but no one knows when. Is there anything I can do to get my coins out? It feels like I’m wasting the utility of the coins by just holding them without even staking or using them in any other way.

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8 thoughts on “Coins stuck on an exchange.”

  1. This sounds really bad, but has happened many times before. If the market is in heavy wings like right now some exchanges stop withdraws.

    Always remember:

    **Not your keys, not your coins**

  2. Have the cancelled transfers on ALL crypto or just on what you have?

    If if the former you’re at the mercy of the exchange, if it’s the latter you could potentially trade them into something that can be sent then convert them back. Yeah you’re going to cop fees for trades but at least it’s on your wallet.

  3. Convert to XLM. Transfer to Binance, convert back into original coins. Withdraw. Less learned is not to use Indian Exchanges again.

  4. My best guess would be to sell the coins, or swap them for something you can transfer off there, and then use a different exchange. I try to avoid using any exchange that prevents you from transferring out the coins you bought.


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