Coingecko seems a lot better than Coinmarketcap

For one, Coinmarketcap pushes to the front many projects likely to be considered ‘pump and dump tokens’ on their home page in the ‘biggest gainers’ section at the very top of the page before you even see BTC at no.1 (mostly BSC) which I’m sure many new investors fall prey to.

Then there is the fluctuation/ discrepancy with global market cap; atm CMC says the market cap is down 8% (stands at $1.72T), whereas Coingecko shows a +6% day (stands at $2.07T). $300B just disappears, only to reappear later in the day? Why does this happen? Almost every day I’ve checked recently this has happened.

Then there are the market cap rankings which on CMC for some reason exclude a great many from the top 100 even though their marketcaps are larger than those above them (is this opinion being injected into rankings or is this just a coding error?). The list down from the 90s to 100 is remarkably different between the two:



Then there are the rewards from collecting ‘diamonds’ on CMC and the ‘candies’ in Coingecko. This is a smaller quibble, but on CMC the options mainly consist of NFTs and promotions for other projects (and are mostly limited in quantity and time available), whereas Coingecko offers e-books for furthering understanding of crypto, and discount codes for VPNs and news sites (you know, something more functional than a picture of a cartoon lion) – and they don’t appear to be limited (correct me if I’m wrong). Of course it’s effectively free (don’t look a gift horse – or a DeRace NFT Horse – in the mouth, but there’s a clear difference in tone between the two).

I guess my point is, considering CMC is the main site I see pushed for crypto rankings and info (not necessarily on this subreddit but definitely on social media in general), it falls short in multiple ways.

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47 thoughts on “Coingecko seems a lot better than Coinmarketcap”

  1. CMC is owned by Binance so even if CoinGecko was shit (it’s not) I’d still use it.

    Now queue downvotes by Binance cronies but luckily idgaf.

  2. Ultimately both are driven by advertising as well so you need to be careful interests align.

    As everyone says with social media. If you’re not paying the you’re the product.

  3. Both are pretty good I guess.

    CMC has had many hacks and glitches too many times now.

    I personally Switched to Coingecko for peace of mind

  4. Having shitcoins at the top of the biggest gainers page is hardly surprising tbh – many of these gain hundreds or thousands of % in a short amount of time, only to die off in the following days. That’s how I’d expect that page to work (I.e. projects ranked in order of those seeing the greatest increase). BTC sits at the top of the homepage (where it’s sorted by marketcap) on mobile, although I’m not sure if it’s dependent on preferences/ whether you’re logged in, etc.

    The diamonds are utterly pointless though – it looks like there have been a few things up there lately, but they release rewards so infrequently and they don’t send out notifications, so you literally have to be checking the page all day every day if you want to spend them (so I don’t bother).

    CMC is great for tracking your portfolio though imo.

  5. and thirdly it also gives you the ability to sort in a particular section say ranks 1-100 instead of the whole ass market including shitcoins

  6. I’ve found CG to be significantly more accurate that CMC and I haven’t seen CG have any of the glitches like when CMC showed Osmosis increased 9000% and I thought I was rich for about 5 minutes. 🙁

  7. We are living in a world where many such sites, by themselves are **owned by parties** who **have an agenda** and will **manipulate** what they show (e.g., CRO always showing several folds lower on CMC than it does on CH).

    I mean, as long as you are aware of that and take that into account, you’ll be fine (just don’t trust a single biased source).

  8. Stopped using CMC because it was getting more glitchy, but mostly because it felt shady and manipulative. When I learned it was owned by Binance, well that explained everything. CoinGecko and LiveCoinWatch are good.

  9. Coinmarketcap was good until they got bought out for 400M by Binance. At the time, Binance was very shady and decided to buy out the site that was calling them out.

  10. Coinmarketcap is just a shilling website at this point. Their API is good, but they are almost scammers at this point considering how many sus coins they push.

  11. CMC tried their God darn hardest to suppress and that’s why I use coingecko. Fck binance and cmc. Crypto is about transparency. Suppressing coin volumes etc because they’re your competition is pitiful bs.

  12. Binance owns CoinMarketCap. Promoting BSC coins helps Binance directly since it’s the largest beneficiary of transaction fees on that chain.

  13. I prefer CoinGecko over CMC in general **but** – CMC has a far better mobile app experience. In one screen you can see top coins, gainers, losers and a bit of crypto related news.


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