Coinbase still slow or just plain unresponsive for anyone else?

Started about 3 weeks ago which I assumed was a temporary glitch, but as of today the same issues – doesn’t respond to taps when u click on a coin, press back, or basically any ‘change the page’ action. On the odd occasion when it does acknowledge my presence (usually after closing and reopening the app) its still very slow to the point where its unusable.

Been using the app for months before this and never had anything problems. Wondering whether to move my portfolio elsewhere if there’s no solution soon.

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10 thoughts on “Coinbase still slow or just plain unresponsive for anyone else?”

  1. Oh I thought it was just me.. Original Coinbase takes forever to load and switch screens. PRO seems fine to me. Maybe they’re doing some kind of update or maintenance? I just wish there was a reliable platform when network volume gets remotely high.

  2. Using the app on Pixel 6 Pro is awful. If you force close it and re-open it’s good for a few minutes and then back to shit again. So laggy and unresponsive.


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