Coinbase Pro no longer needed. Coinbase now has same fees!

So not sure exactly when this was released, but Coinbase original flavor now has advanced trading with market and limit buys. Checking out the fees on Pro and the regular site, they seem to be completely identical. I’m not sure if there is anything I am currently overlooking, but from what I can tell, you will no longer need to transfer or buy and sell using Pro if you like the normal site.

To get to the advanced trading just click on the trade button in the menu bar and there should be a drop down now in the top left that will let you switch between the 2 options.

Edit: Please make sure you are on the ADVANCED TRADING tab, that looks like Pro, if you are checking the fees. [This is what it will look like](

Edit Dos: This is desktop only

Edit 3: It’s rolling out slowly. It may not be available to you yet. [They do not indicate if it is by region or something else.](

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32 thoughts on “Coinbase Pro no longer needed. Coinbase now has same fees!”

  1. As I understand it, what you’re saying is that the desktop version of regular Coinbase (say if you’re on a computer) has Coinbase Pro functionality but the mobile app doesn’t.

  2. Love it, but also can’t find it… I don’t seem to have an Advanced trading tab? Pro works okay for me, so no big deal, just would be more convenient.

  3. Get them to make transfers to the wallet, free.

    There shouldn’t be a cost for moving my funds between, Coinbase Pro <-> Coinbase <-> Coinbase Wallet.

  4. This is amazing. I always found myself buying ETH on pro (for fees) and swapping to original CB for ETH2 staking which was just a pain and an unnecessary step

  5. Not really… this has been out for a while now, and you can’t even use the advanced trading on the main website unless you have a payment method linked, it’s also missing stop losses etc…. if you’re buying with pairing methods that aren’t USD-CRYPTO it’s useless.

  6. Y’all didn’t know this already? You mean I could have got some easy Karma 3 days ago when I saw the banner on pro?

  7. Nice, but will this impact COIN’s earnings now that they’re not extracting unnecessarily large fees from uninformed users?

    Oh well, I’m sure they can just slash ETH2 APY again to make up the difference.

  8. It was never THAT much of a headache swapping between regular and pro. It’s an improvement for Coinbase users, but it’s a downgrade for pro users.

    No stop orders.


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