christ there are so many FUD posts atm

Literally ignore all the posts like “now I’m panicking and you should too” or “I’m leaving crypto, decentralisation is dead”.

Calm the fok down.

There is SOOOO much fud going on trying to convince you that the end is nigh/ the cryptopocalypse is coming and that you should sell everything right now. These posts are either:

A) people overreacting (to a natural and historical fuction of any financial market) who clearly haven’t understood or appreciated what a bear market looks like.
B) people trying to get you to sell so they can fill their bag on the cheap.
C) a coordinated attack on crypto by bad actors at a time of weakness to convince you the asset class is dead and to damage crypto and its reputation further.

Half these posts claim to be from “long term holders” who were “here during the 2014 bear market.” Do you really think they’re panicking and jumping ship now after theyve seen bitcoin increase over 5700% since the 2014 peak? Obviously not.

Everyone just take a breath, calm down, dont sell your main projects and stack some cash so you can buy the bottom (or near the bottom).

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16 thoughts on “christ there are so many FUD posts atm”

  1. We are in uncharted territory. We can’t compare it to before because we never had: inflation +pandemic + suppy chain issues + war + stable coin crash. Crypto can recover yes, but it could be a very long time. With the cost of everything going up, if people need the money then it’s fine for them to cash out. Only use money you are ok with losing without having a financial burden people. This bear market could possibly go for years, nobody knows

  2. They weren’t here. All of us veterans know what this is… Stockpiling season. It’s not going to be a winter.

  3. We are seeing all time lows for the stock market every morning, it means valuations are changing as people don’t know how much demand is there going to be.

    I think it’s probably an overreaction but people are expecting a dot coin bubble like effect. On the stock market.

    The crypto market is considered more speculative. I understand that people that need the money in the next 10 years are too scared to invest money, and I might be wrong in this but I think this can be a huge opportunity for the rest of us, some years of prices going down following by the market going up sounds like a good buying opportunity. There is going to be more risk but also more rewards

  4. Your so right I was around during the last bear run now I’m in another one it’s great. Lots of good crypto gonna bounce straight back it like a big crypto sale

  5. I think it’s pretty understandable. Prices are going up and the market is dropping. A lot of people are seeing dreams of abhouse, new car, or even just paying off debts disappear in front of their eyes. Of course there’s a lot of FUD. People are scared, the future is uncertain, and there are serious doubts about coins that were viewed as foundational a week ago.


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