”China Will Sentence Over 10 Years In Prison For Crypto Traders” – This news shows us how afraid of crypto dictator countries are.

They’re shitting their pants. They are afraid of losing their power over their citizens. They are afraid of crypto because they know crypto gives freedom to the people. So they ban it.

Whenever I see a news about a dictator country banning crypto, I feel so bullish because if dictator countries hate crypto that means Crypto works as it should. Because they can’t control it. They are afraid of losing their power on their citizens. This is exactly what crypto is supposed to be, giving 100% control to people. Peer 2 peer. There is no middle man. There is no control freak authority. This is what decentralization is supposed to be and dictators hate that.

If a dictatorial country is trying to ban crypto, know that Crypto is on the right track.

No matter how much those dictators try to ban it, Crypto is INEVITABLE.

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39 thoughts on “”China Will Sentence Over 10 Years In Prison For Crypto Traders” – This news shows us how afraid of crypto dictator countries are.”

  1. Imagine taking someone’s freedom for something almost the whole world does everyday. Crypto and weed should be legal everywhere.

  2. They’re gonna force diamond jail hands and make a lotta millionaires, only to confiscate those funds 10 years later.

    China playing *reverse Uno*

  3. This is a difference between a truly authoritarian government (China) and one who suspended CEX wallets (Canada). There are spectrums of governmental power and overreach.

  4. It’s always been like that with china . Communist regime is all about controlling their people , way of life along with their economic progress .

  5. Gona have to be gooood to catch em and prove it when the chips are down… People will use crypto to do what gold used to

  6. Wait till DeFi and DAOs start gaining real mainstream adoption. This is where these governments will freak the f#ck out.

    This reality shouldn’t be too far fetched honestly considering how far we’ve come to in DeFi development through the years especially now with projects like BitDAO investing hundreds of millions of dollars into DeFi and Web3

  7. What a life we live in. China inprisons peaceful Bitcoin usage and Putin is making war and not even put on a trial. All life is one big bullshit.

  8. I’m just curious but is there anything you guys won’t spin into a positive marketing point? I’m literally waiting for the day where I read something like, nuclear war broke out ! Banks are gone, better get your crypto ready. This is your last chance to buy Atom token !

  9. You didn’t even read the article, and you just reposted the terrible headline. Whole thread is a joke. FUD your hearts out new blood.

  10. Man we truly need a free Nation to lure us down and create the crypto utopia…

    El salvador doing good things but even they’re not creating the ideal conditions.

    We need a place that will grant us citizenship if we hold 50k or w.e in our keys and can sign for it.

    A place that gives us zero taxes on crypto in all areas.

    A place that has dropped nearly all regulation on crypto companies and instead embraces it to the full extent at all levels of government.

    A place that will allow us to flourish, innovate, create wealth and embrace all technologists & investors around the globe.

    Nationalists of money, free with a limited government & rabid defensive militarization.

    We could forge a new cradle of civilization.


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