Celebrate the green days!

I’ve seen a fair few posts the last couple of days, which interestingly, are the exact opposite of the posts I’ve read over the last few months…

Bear market incoming, paper hands are giving up their bags etc.

What I’m here to say is enjoy these green days. Celebrate these green days. Shout from the rooftop celebrating and enjoying these green days! If you’ve managed to stick with crypto and this bipolar sub over the last few weeks, months and years, then you are in every right to be pleased with the whole market moving up.

I think as a community, we need to remain positive, educate and encourage newcomers into the crypto world. At the moment, this whole sub seems very cult like with beliefs and loyalty to certain coins whilst belittling others for their *mistakes* at every opportunity.

So here’s what I’m saying:

A few green days doesn’t mean we are all going to the moon. It doesn’t make us financial gurus. It most definitely doesn’t recover the huge dips the whole market has seen this year.

But it does instill a little belief, and that can snowball into the next bull run. So hodl until you reach your goal, don’t lose hope. Time in the market beats timing the market. One last time, celebrate these green days. We’ve earnt them!

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10 thoughts on “Celebrate the green days!”

  1. It’s green and the sun is put (in the UK at least – although like crypto green, it won’t last).

    So just enjoy it for now. If you’re not looking at selling in the short term its not really relevant though. Zoom out and see how prices rise over years, not months.

  2. I like to know that we started the week in a bullish trend, let’s hope that the trend will continue during April.

    In my case, I was able to take advantage of the bearish trend to diversify my investment portfolio in a project called BBGM NFTs that will be launching its NFT collection and a P2E in The SandBox metaverse.

    I am very excited!

  3. Take the time to breath in fresh air! In my part of the world, spring is coming, it may coming for crypto too considering the winter sentiment of the last few months.


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