Casino elements on cryptocurrency exchanges like Kucoin and even Binance are cringe and put us all in bad light…and they are everywhere

I’m not happy with how most of crypto exchanges are incorporating various casino elements into their exchanges. If you open Kucoin, you are greeted with a big ass wheel of fortune and luck-based-games where you literally bet your money in exchange for iphone or stuff like that. That kind of shit shouldn’t be a part of an exchange, period.

Binance is the same really. Games and betting all over it. The lower down the food-chain of exchanges you go, the more casino stuff hits you in the face. Some of the smaller exchanges are literally more of an online casino than an exchange.

I’ve never used any of these elements, but still I’m annoyed by them because they make crypto look like a joke. What do you think?

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26 thoughts on “Casino elements on cryptocurrency exchanges like Kucoin and even Binance are cringe and put us all in bad light…and they are everywhere”

  1. I was thinking this about kucoin, yesterday (I hate the casino bullshit), but in a sense it makes it clear what’s really going on with crypto atm, i.e. a highly unregulated market, subject to massive amounts of insider trading and market manipulation.

    Now that’s one thing when we are betting on rises and falls (which is what we are ALL doing with crtpto, unless we are one of the whales responsible for the manipulation etc, above), a gamble is a gamble, right? But when we’re are ACTUALLY gambling? No, that shit needs regulating, otherwise you’re just dangling a carrot of crypto smack in front of a junkie coming down like a space shuttle.

  2. It sucks but that’s probably all some people will ever see crypto as, a get rich gamble that activates the same pleasure centers as a casino.

    The same people who think they’ll see six figure profits from 100 dollars into some shit coin.

    Hopefully these types of people will lose their interest in crypto and it won’t make sense for the exchanges to push that kind of interface.

  3. The thing is that a casino has odds, and even though hard to do (as betting is addictive) the odds can be beaten. Binance and Kucoin are completely rigged so I would rather take my chances with a casino any day.

  4. Binance was real quiet on notifications right up until Bitcoin turned around and started climbing again.

    Just the other day they pushed a notification about how margin trading is a good thing.

    The hordes of degenerate gamblers crypto has attracted is unfortunate and gets in the way of all the good the technology has to offer.

  5. i think something like the futures lite on kucoin is fine but i agree with what you say about the gamification/casino stuff. its horrible and feels really wrong. these are still, in some sense, financial products that you trade. if you want to gamble with it, fine. but mixing gamifciated gambling and trading is just dangerous for customers and regulators will rip these platform apart. same thing happned with online poker (no, poker is not gambling, its a skill game). its all super gamified and all-in every hand gambling now. and regulators had a lot to say about that.

  6. I noticed for the first time yesterday, and I’ve been using Binance for a while now… Futures BaTtLeS… or something to that effect. Thought to myself ” the fuck…?” and just clicked away to where I was heading in the first place.

    It is rather ridiculous that they have shit like that on their sites. Tsk rsk.

  7. Yeah I really don’t like it, even 10X leverage is too high imo. Has anyone ever played those casino games on Kucoin tho ? I’ve never played them but I wonder if people actually win

  8. Yeah, you should have to go to the casino to play casino games? I don’t know, just relax and let it be. Don’t worry about things that don’t matter. Politicians will do far worse things to crypto than complain about casinos on exchanges

  9. Yeah it’s overall a bad image. Stock exchanges don’t have anything like this, crypto also shouldn’t if it wants to appear legitimate


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