Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Explained

“Plutus scripts don’t get submitted on-chain until you’re interacting with them, so ”every single time” when you want to use a dApp you have to include the whole script as part of the transaction.

This makes the transactions bigger. Larger transactions result in higher fees and decreased throughput. CIP 33 (Cardano improvement proposal) changes this. It is one of the updates coming with the Vasil HFC event in June 2022

CIP 33 allows “reference scripts” to be attached to outputs, now you can push a script onto the chain and then you can interact with it via a reference; this is a very lightweight way to interact with a smart contract rather than having all of the app logic in your transaction.

So CIP 33 allows you now to just have a small address, like an email address that you include in the transaction and it points to the script that already exists on-chain. This makes transaction size smaller and increases the throughput.” -Sooraj

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10 thoughts on “Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Explained”

  1. Anything that increases throughput is massively appreciated, though you have to wonder at what stage anti-Cardano people will say it’s “good enough”

  2. Let’s temper expectations. This is great for Cardano and will take DeFi and other dapps to the next level but keep in mind there is no scalability magic bullet. The closest thing to that for Cardano L1 will be input endorsers but that is probably at least a year away. True scalability will come with L2 things like rollups and side chains that inherit the security of Ouroboros. [The first zk-rollup could come as early as this year]( so that is exciting

  3. Yea the Vasil hard fork is going to be great for Cardano but…. did you know that Cardano is also the only Crypto that lets you provide liquidity with ADA and stablecoins, farm those LP tokens, AND stake the ADA in the pool for MAX YIELD! Wingriders Dex lets you do that but soon a lot more Cardano Dexes will.

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