[CANADIANS ONLY] Do the new laws actually affect anything you do?

I want to see the percentage of Canadians actually bothered by this and no one else.

I don’t agree with the “laws” in the slightest, and as per usual they (government as a whole not just Canada) have no clue how things work around crypto and the law is insanely easy to circumnavigate, this isn’t the question or debate at hand here. If you do not reside in Canadia land sit down.

Your bitcoin wallets and many others have long been on public ledgers for the world to see with various options available in private coins flavors, the fact it took them this long is actually more surprising to me, this isn’t the question or debate at hand, if you do not reside in Canada sit down.

A lot of you *like KYC* and being recognized for your assets in crypto, weird to me, but in case it wasn’t already stated, Canadians only convo.

I’d rather here your thoughts on this situation than the spammed bs going on across various spaces.

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21 thoughts on “[CANADIANS ONLY] Do the new laws actually affect anything you do?”

  1. Am Canadian in BC. There is absolutely nothing happening. People are not worried about the govt seizing anything. Life is normal. Convoy Protesters are driving through every week but anti convoy are now starting to block them.

    If you’re worried about your money being seized, you’re doing something wrong. Period.

    The American media and this sub are spreading so much fucking fud it’s ridiculous.

    Wanted to add that 9/10 people DO NOT support the convoy. You only hear convoy supporters the most because thats all they want to talk about. They’re like a damn cult trying to spread religion to non believers. Regular people do not give two shits what’s happening.

  2. I didn’t donate to the truckers and I don’t support them. I’m not worried. I’m from Canada.

    Edit: I wanna say tho I am grateful for those truckers to causing such bad issues in a snow storm on the 401. If it’s wasn’t for them I wouldn’t of never took the backroads and help a old man out a ditch. It kinda worked out for me.

  3. If you didn’t contribute to the “protests” you have nothing to worry about. If you did, you probably won’t post so here.

    I live in Canada and no one I know supports what’s going on. No one likes the mandates but everyone hates these truckers more for their incessant honking and beligerance or for causing a worse supply shock to our economy. No one likes that Trudeau pulled an emergency act but we understand he had no other choice, and it’s still ineffective as long as our far right police refuse to work. There are a lot of problems going on now and I don’t think anyone is happy with any one of them.

    Good luck finding Canadians to talk to you though. The only people pestering me about it are from the US for whatever fucking reason.

  4. They affect anyone that wants to help the protestors.

    The people not bothered have already surrendered their freedoms and consume mainstream media for their information.

    It’s a dark time in Canadian History.

    But it hasn’t been passed by Parliament. So things could change quickly.

  5. No , I didn’t donate to the truckers but I did have a dream that my sister in law got a letter from Government stating that she was in the area where the truckers were and they are investigating.

    Woke up and said wtf

  6. Lol no. Nothing at all in any way has changed for me or anyone I know. To be fair I dont know anyone that donated money to the folks that shut down the boarder for days or shut down Ottawa for weeks.

  7. Most Canadians are completely sick of this protest.

    I personally don’t think the account freezing is that big a deal. There is more to the Emergencies Act than that. There is an assumption that this account freezing will be widespread and will affect anyone who donated and sofar I’ve see zero evidence of that.

    We really don’t know how many accounts have actually been frozen, people are just jumping to conclusions. I think it wouldn’t even make sense strategically to freeze too many accounts because people obviously need money to leave.

  8. I’m Canadian and this is not a protest. Freeze all their money and cryptos for all I care. Everyone arrested at these riots should have all assets frozen and also the people supporting these criminal acts

  9. I’m more than fine with what’s been happening and nothing has affected me in any way. No matter how large amounts of money is transferred local governments will always have methods to disrupt what they deem illegal activity. I’d much rather them fumble around with stupid rules that can be changed in time as it shows they’re more interested in regulating rather than banning IMO. As for KYC I think the main benefit is if you have problems a reputable company (CDC,coinbase,etc) could be taken to court using your local laws.

  10. Not as protestor and give zero fucks about anything that happens with any of it.

    Not a fan of the implementation of the Emergency Measures Act or what it entails however. Slippery goddamned slope

  11. Not a Canadian but based on the comments media and the government will always twist to things to have narrative based on their motives.


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