“Canada says it will freeze the bank accounts of ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers who continue their anti-vaccine mandate blockades”

Setting political positions and beliefs aside, this is even more of a reason to have your money in crypto, rather than trusting the banks with your funds. The fact our governments have the ability to freeze any bank account they choose, for any reason or lack there of, is mind boggling.

Quote from an article on the subject:

“The Canadian government has warned that it will freeze the bank accounts and suspend the vehicle insurance of truckers who continue to form blockades in protest of vaccine mandates, as the country declares a national emergency to quell the resulting gridlock.

“This is about following the money. This is about stopping the financing of these illegal blockades,” said Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland at a press conference on Monday.”

They themselves state that these people are “protesting” which begs the question, what happened to our freedom? What happened to our rights?

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14 thoughts on ““Canada says it will freeze the bank accounts of ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers who continue their anti-vaccine mandate blockades””

  1. Unfortunately, most crypto still isn’t used as actual currency. You will have to sell on an exchange & still transfer that fiat to a bank. Until it’s accepted as legal tender, moving everything to crypto doesn’t solve this problem.

  2. Hate to break it to you, but the Canadian government does not have the right to freeze a bank account for any reason at all.

    One should study the legal environment before making such wild claims.

  3. Good. First of all most (if not all) of the beefs truckers have are governed by provincial jurisdictions, not federal. So showing up at the parliament building demanding the government resign is not so much of a protest as it is a lame ass attempt at a coup. And this is why the government won’t talk to them. Parking a big rig on wellington with a sign saying “fuck trudeau” won’t get you a seat at the table. And attempting to obstruct critical manufacturing supply lines in an effort to damage the Canadian economy will get the book thrown at you. This is why the emergency measures act was invoked. Not because of a few bouncy castles and portable hot tubs on parliament hill.

  4. **Edit**: sometimes this sub is really a circlejerk. “I don’t like criticism, so let me down vote everything that doesn’t say crypto is more amazing than the air we breathe”

    — now back to my original reply:

    I mean, it could fall under the definition of terrorism. (the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims). So I am on Canada’s side in this case.

    But besides that, even with crypto we can say. “we will no longer value payments that originated from these addresses”. If you receive it, your wallet will be blacklisted too unless you return everything.

  5. Countries can absolutely freeze bank accounts. America has been doing it for years. There are provisions that allow countries to do this when fighting terrorism and make no mistake that is exactly what is happening. Domestic terrorist groups in the US are funding this “convoy”.

  6. This is the old they’ll get hungry before we run out of money attitude that factory owners had in the 1800’s. They can’t allow others to prop up the protest financially or it’ll never end.
    The bastards are doubling down and expecting people to take it. It’s not gonna end well for them.

  7. Yeah except you can’t use Bitcoin to buy groceries.

    Besides, are people honestly surprised that their governments ultimately have control over their lives? Is this really a shock to people? How did you think it worked? They arrest and throw people in gaol every day.

    People use words like ‘freedom’ like it’s some giant eagle saviour that once obtained all your ills will fall away. Freedom is an abstract concept and trust me when I say this, nobody wants ‘ultimate’ or ‘complete’ freedom. There would be anarchy in the streets. It would be lunacy.


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