Callout on WIREX Exchange

I would like to warn all crypto enthusiasts about WIREX. It started innocently enough in February when I created an account to get a bonus and test the app. I was already transferring crypto between accounts at that point and the transaction was for a long time as “pending” – support did not help at all. After a few days of struggle, when I wrote to support for the 10th time the transaction was done (sic!).

On the other hand, I took part in their promotional action which allowed to withdraw their native WXT token. In the regulations it was written, that the funds will be granted after 30 working days (it’s been over 2 months, over 30 working days) – the support gives no answer, the bonus was not there and still is not there. They have scammed several hundred people – they do not give any information to anyone.

The second thing – they illegally take their clients’ native WXT tokens explaining that they were not used on their account (wtf)?

Hundreds of people have had their accounts blocked, they require another KYC verification explaining it as AML – when these people do all the requirements, nothing happens with it, support asks for information on email and several months nothing is done about it. One person has an account blocked with over $100k in his account who has been fighting them since October 2021.

They are increasing more and more minamal withdrawal limits – for example you have deposited $100 with which you bought a cryptocurrency and suddenly you are stuck because they are increasing the withdrawal limit from a given token to $200 what kind of crap is this.

TLDR – I warn everyone against WIREX, it is not worth it, their company is like a cancer without support, they block accounts with funds, do not deposit money there.

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8 thoughts on “Callout on WIREX Exchange”

  1. Luckily for me, they decided to block my account within mere minutes after I sent documents to verify, before I could transfer anything to it. I KYC’d on most major exchanges using those same documents and got approved instantly, I guess they knew better đŸ¤£

  2. This is the problem with new and upcoming exchanges or even any project really. We just can’t judge what might be tulips and what might be turds

  3. I do not want to offend here or for my words to be taken the wrong way. But in support there are mainly people working from the “east” of Europe and only English is required to work. It seems to me that they are just there to tap out ready-made formulas in response, and no competent people work there.


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