Cake Day Today – Reflecting on Reddit

Today is my cake day – specifically, 1 year since joining Reddit. It’s an opportunity to reflect on a year’s worth of Reddit, and the decisions I’ve made. Overall – I’ve made the worse financial decisions in my life since joining, with the exception from this sub.

I write “I” because these are my decisions, and I’m not here to blame Reddit. Not too bad overall, but I was generally very conservative with investing prior to joining.

By far the worst has come from r/spacs – I’ve come to think them as penny stocks. Second, is WSB (r/wallstreetbets) – with the exception of GME/AMC (still surprised at making money off these stonks considering how crazy down I was at points).

However, this sub has been my favorite. Overall, I’m up on crypto thanks to dip buying, staking, and rewards (even with the whole Doge/SNL hit). Minus the shitposting, I’ve also learned a great deal right here.

Second favorite is r/bogleheads – essentially a reflection on how I invested pre-reddit.

So, what are some of your biggest losses, gains, or best/worse decisions and which sub reddit did they come from?

Hope I learn as much this reddit year! May the odds be ever in you favor!

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18 thoughts on “Cake Day Today – Reflecting on Reddit”

  1. Happy cake day and discovering /r/cosmosnetwork and /r/osmosislab were a blessing to me! Yes I’m a cosmos shill but it’s still true!

  2. Happy Cake Day! I haven’t sold much at all but I did sell most of my DOGE at a 30% loss and reinvested it into ETH. Those funds have been making money ever since.

  3. Happy cake day. I love this sub so far. My cake day is soon for my first year on Reddit. My best was doge at $0.002. Sold at $0.51 though didn’t expect it to hit $0.69. Now I’m glad I sold.


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