BTC finally hit $100K!!!

Well boys and girls, we did it! We got BTC over $100K. Many thought we’d have to wait until the next halvening before we saw the 6-figure price, once again, Big Daddy Bitcoin surpises us. We have reached the psychological threshold amidst a market crash.

As you’ll see in the picture below, the BTC/UST pair reached a high of nearly $138K.


Now we will see so many people FOMOing in. If you don’t FOMO before them, you could miss out on gains! Take out a second mortgage and sell your kidneys! We are going to the moon! Like and subscribe for more amazing updates!

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40 thoughts on “BTC finally hit $100K!!!”

  1. I honestly had my portfolio pegged to UST instead of usdt ahaha you can imagine the double digit gains in 24h I suposedly had ahahah

  2. Join me as we pay condolences to many within this community that thought a stable coin would be stable. To all our fellow hodler who thought 1$ is equal to 1$. To all who thought that algorithms and computers could save us from the Tether. To all who trusted decentralisation over money printer go brrr.

  3. I’m loving the dip. Seriously hope it goes down 4 digits so I can actually own a whole bitcoin.

    Bitcoin won’t go parabolic till the next halving so I’m crossing my fingers that it will indeed get to 4 digits.


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