BNB coin has been quietly pumping

Has anyone noticed that while all coins have been getting attention and moving up, down, up, down as usual. BNB, has been slowly creeping upwards without much downfall slowly but surely?

When Bitcoin had the dump down to 18000, BNB hit around $190 and has done nothing but slowly move upwards to $300, while all other coins have been making less progress (apart from Ethereum)

I have been seeing a lot of information here about the merge with Ethereum which is attracting investors and leading to its rise, but what about BNB?

Does anyone know why it’s gaining this sort of traction in this bear market?

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7 thoughts on “BNB coin has been quietly pumping”

  1. A lot of alts are up ~ x2 from the bottom. Not just bnb
    Matic 0.31 – 0.88
    Ftm 0.19 – 0.36
    fckn ICP 4.6 – local top at 9.8
    Uni 3.33 – 8.72

  2. Haven’t seen as much FUD around Binance as we have with other exchanges. While many crypto businesses are laying off staff, Binance has loudly telegraphed they are hiring. Both of these play a part in investor confidence and I think that’s why we’re seeing BNB doing as well as it is in this market.

  3. I’m all honesty right now Binance looks to be the one exchange that’s not going anywhere, the native coin bnb will do well off the back of that. BNB is a solid investment, I’ve raised the point that it doesn’t act like any other crypto in a downturn. It dumps the same but always has sneeky green days whilst no one is noticing.

  4. It also hit ATH in the BNB/BTC pair this week, and with Binance holding up well as an exchange while many others strugle, i think it will do very well in the next bullrun


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