Blockchain proof of specific identity

Is there any proof of identity which will allow a person proving in the blockchain that they are who they say to be?

It would be particularly useful for people inheriting stuff. You need to link a wallet to a person, the person to the people inheriting the stuff, and these people back to their wallets. [Proof of identity]( comes to mind, but it is a different thing.

I understand crypto is not well suited for this kind of use case, but I know people in the crypto space like solving all kinds of problems with crypto, I would not be surprised if there is someone that thought of a solution to this problem already.

PS: I know this is not a sub where I should be asking technical questions about blockchain technology, so if you can point me to the right place, that would be very helpful.

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7 thoughts on “Blockchain proof of specific identity”

  1. Why it won’t work, in a proof on concept.

    Say you had an identity, as a wallet address. You have the key you can prove you own that address. So let’s tie your ID to it.

    The problem arises in that the legal world is a centralized one. Inheritance for example. Court goes over end of death stuff, and asks for ID to give you your inheritance. You show up and have the keys to your address, and so does hackerbob, who also has your keys. Who does the court give the stuff to? Whoever is the real you, based on secondary ID. The court is a centralized system, a block chain is FINE, but to the court, it offers no benefit to a traditional ID so why use it? That, why use it?… Shows up in most ID use cases. In almost all instances, a what you have secret (physical I’d card), is easier to secure and verify, then a what you know secret (like the keys to a block chain address).

  2. I think people are seeing that having your complete identity on chain may not be ideal. So the work in the tech behind being able to apply the cryptographic signature to approve your transactions or information exchange based on a proven identity, like a current KYC approval. All without exposing every detail about you history and identity. It is still early this shit is still getting figured out.


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