Bitcoin in satoshis = NFT in fractions. I’m happy to finally see this happen. Hear me out.

I’ve been part of the NFT space from the very beginning literally. I have written articles for top blogs on the subject but never really got involved until now.

I’ve always thought to myself, If I could buy a few satoshis (bitcoin) or gwei (Ethereum), I also should be able to buy fractions of NFTs. And thank goodness, this is happening.

The way NFTs were going before now, I don’t think the regular guy would be able to invest in it. How do you expect a college student to get 50 ETH for an NFT? Let’s face the fact, that if there would be adoption, we need those guys with $50 to $100 more than we need people that could afford half a million dollars for an NFT.

A few projects have hit the market offering fractions of NFTs to the public, Unicly, Unique Network, Fractional Art, & NFTX. Hopefully, we should see a Bored Ape sliced into pieces, or the Mutant Ape and very soon it will be.

**NOTE:** Owning fractions of NFTs simply means owning a portion of an NFT with hundreds of others or call it shared NFT.

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11 thoughts on “Bitcoin in satoshis = NFT in fractions. I’m happy to finally see this happen. Hear me out.”

  1. NFT values have been crashing for months now, all about supply and demand and there’s a over supply and less demand.

  2. There are DAOs that have been doing this for some time already. They buy these blue chip nfts and hold them in a community vault and share the proceeds when something is sold. You join the DAO by buying their own NFT.

  3. I’ve joined Unique’s quest to get the RFT airdrop. Did you? I’ve contributed with their crowdloan on Polkadot along with EQ.

  4. Nfts are a nifty technology but the way they are being used at the moment aint it. If there comes a better use case maybe I would look into it.

  5. Don’t know exactly how owning a portion of NFT will be better. If i hodl a portion of NFT gives me the same of owning a full one that means that we wll have 1 BORED APE NFT and millions holding a portion of it.

    It will be the same as we have actually.

  6. So would fractional ownership of an NFT make it a fungible token for the fractional owners? Or in the case of the jpeg, would you own specific pixels?


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