Bitcoin energy use vs other e-waste

The electricity wasted by Bitcoins PoW system has seemed to gather more media attention lately. NPR did a feature on it recently. I’m likely to get criticized for this but what the media chooses to attack from an environmental perspective often appears to me to be incredibly biased. This post stems from a product I learned about recently called the ember mug. For those unfamiliar, the Ember mug is an electronic mug that keeps your coffee at an ideal temperature for a prolonged period of time. So people are spending $150 and wasting electricity on the needless luxury of perpetually hot coffee. Where is the environmental outrage over this, how much carbon emissions are created not only by this mugs use but also its manufacture? Now I understand this is likely a small drop in the bucket but I’m sure there are thousands of other examples of this. While cryptocurrency, which fulfills a glaring need in the global financial market, is constantly under attack. Rant over, now I’ll go back to sipping my 57C coffee I brewed 4 hours ago.

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11 thoughts on “Bitcoin energy use vs other e-waste”

  1. If we say that other activities outside of crypto are more energy consuming it still doesn’t make it any better. This is known as a tu quoque fallacy.

    Bitcoin for instance still consumes way to much energy while there are plenty PoS chains that offer the same security guarantees as Bitcoin but with drastically less energy and cost.

    If we can consume less energy while still offering great security then why not do it?

  2. I think it’s really funny they complain about the electric consumption of crypto contributing to global warming when it’s using only the electricity available. This seems like more a problem with where we get our energy. This is also why I’m developing a farm that is aiming to use renewable energy completely and have crypto mining rigs running on the renewable energy sources, and pumping the waste heat into the greenhouses.

  3. Let’s be honest, almost anything the media chooses to focus on has some level of bias to it.

    In the case of reporting on BTC mining electricity use you have to put it into perspective of how much an average mining rig consumes in an hour compared to a tv, or warming mug. News agencies will always go after the bigger consumers and not focus on the millions of small amounts that potentially could add up.

    One thing I’ve always been interested in is what is the total cost of energy, electric and fossil fuels to produce the world’s fiat vs BTC or any other crypto. I’ve seen reports on how much the printing costs, but it typically doesn’t include related costs of gathering and manufacturing the materials needed as well.

  4. Climate alarmists have been wrong for 50+ years. Don’t try to argue with them on this issue or any other, it’s like standing outside a church asking.

    Not saying that we shouldn’t be responsible stewards of the planet, but given that yachts are exempt from EU carbon tax regulation, every climate conference is attended by people who arrive in private jets and literal motorcades, Leonardo DiCaprio and John Kerry and Al Gore have carbon footprints the size of small fucking countries, the elites still own multi million dollar waterfront mansions, etc etc etc I am not going to eat bugs and walk to work out of fear for the planet.

    TLDR : don’t negotiate with terrorists, even if you meet their demands, they change their demands.

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  6. The EU is going to import LPG.
    Ships that produce CO2 as well as 100,000 cars
    And this is where crypto energy is addressed

  7. Dullards that think Ember mugs are great, are just as wrong as dullards that think bitcoin energy usage is justifiable. Also note that bitcoin mining creates a lot of e-waste, as ever more efficient mining equipment makes legacy kit uneconomic to operate.

    Just as you can make hot beverages on demand, in cryptocurrency we have Proof of Stake.

    Two wrongs do not make a right.


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