Bitcoin deep dive

Bitcoin deep dive.

I have been studying btc for about 6 months now and I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of the economic effects that bitcoin will have. However I am having a hard time finding in-depth literature as to how bitcoin works exactly. Including hashing , sha-256, mining, how exactly the code prevents fake btc ect. Does anyone have any good links that can point me about 500 hours further down the rabbit hole? I have seen hours of surface level interviews but it seems that the available literature and knowledge aggressively falls off a cliff once you do a certain amount of research on bitcoin. I am hoping to spend another few hundred hours or so on bitcoin or at least until I truly feel like I understand every last bit of information there is on bitcoin.

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  1. The only thing what i can say is. As long only one man like musk can influence the chart everthing is possible and not easy to predict what the market will do

  2. You can use Bitcointalk forum for everything you need to research on BTC, you can find in depth material there too.

  3. The true is that whales will always influenciate the market because people will always keep an eye on their moves and react to that.

  4. The market is more unpredictable than anyone can to predict , it has been proven to me many times that whenever I felt that I had correctly predicted the direction of the market, the exact opposite happened.


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