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Bitbay including many exchanges offer fees rebate of around -0.02% when we place market orders, but 0.07% of were “takers”. My question is how is bitbay able to stay profitable after rebating the fees? And even then, why do they do it? When everyone is taking fees, they rebate you the fees.
I dont think there would be many takers on the platform as the fees are too high compared to ither exchanges.

Should i get concerned off any potential hacks or exit scams if i trade there as i mostly daytrade crypto

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  1. When someone buys with market order he pays 0.07% and that order is matched with the maker order in the books from someone who did a limit order. For putting an order in the books he gets 0.02%. So the exchange still makes money from the difference. Makers are incentivized because an exchange needs liquidity and a packed order book for smooth buying and selling. Otherwise every buy/sell order would cause a lot of volatility and people would be mad about getting bad prices with market orders.


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