Beware of the few people who can influence the price of Doge

I hope the Doge army won’t downvote me to oblivion for this post but Doge has issues which has to be addressed. I want to share an informative [Website]( , which enables you to track the Top 100 richest addresses of several coins.

In the top left corner select “Rich List”. Then chose the coin which you wanna inspect further.
Here is the rich list of Doge: [

**The biggest Doge whale**
As you can see 1 Wallet owns 23.1% of the current Doge supply.
These are 30,784,599,383 DOGE with a current value of $ $4,618,562,818
Link to his/her wallet: [

15 Addresses own another 24,91% of the current Doge supply.
And the top 108 Doge addresses own 64.9% of the current Doge supply.

The biggest whale alone has a huge impact on Doge.
The top 15 Wallets can perform huge pump & dumps.
The top 108 Wallets basically rule over Doge and could determine the price of Doge.
Also there are some public figures pumping up this coin \*cough\* Melon Dusk \*cough\* and leading their followers into a very centralized and risky investment.

Yes you could make profit with Doge, yes it’s a gateway for many people into Crypto but neither you nor the market decides if you will gain or lose money.
A single wallet alone can trigger a pump/dump and determine if you will make/lose money on Doge.
This is the potential danger of a centralized coin.

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19 thoughts on “Beware of the few people who can influence the price of Doge”

  1. This is why I left Doge. Doge is what got me into crypto but after actually learning and researching about crypto, the ability to be manipulated by 1 persons tweet is a red flag.


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