Best way to DCA with ledger?

I am finally starting to use my remaining two brain cells and moving all my assets to cold storage. I just got a Ledger Nano S+. It works surprisingly well. However, one thing CEX did offer was the ease to DCA. Is there a way to DCA assets on your ledger? Or do you have to manually buy every time. I was also thinking of continuing to DCA on Binance or Coinbase then quickly sending to my ledger after each purchase. I just wanted to see if there is a better way to do this that I am not aware of. Please advise 🙂

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  1. Buy and send. If the gas/network fees are cost prohibitive, wait a few DCAs before sending. Ledger has partnerships but their fees are way high.

  2. Depending on what assets you buy and what network you’re withdrawing to, the withdrawal fees may rack up quite a bit. If the fees are low, then yes, you can withdraw after every DCA purchase. Otherwise, you could probably go in once every couple of weeks or monthly to move your assets.

    You can buy coins directly through the Ledger Live desktop client (third party partner, I believe), although I’m not sure if they offer regular DCA purchases.

    Another possibility is to move your funds onto a defi network and buy your coins off a dex. The fees are a little higher, but all your coins will be in your wallet as opposed to a cex.

  3. In Canada we have something called ShakePay which is great to purchase ETH & BTC, I used to send to Celsius but we all know how that’s going. I used to use Celsius and Nexo, but now just Nexo. I’ve stayed away from Coinbase because honestly the spread is higher than ShakePay.

    I then send to NEXO to convert to HODL some USDC on there and send the rest to Ledger (ETH via Polygon + send some Matic with it). Side not is there any negative to storing your ETH over Matic on Ledger instead of over ERC 20. I just don’t wanna deal with the gas fees (I’m still a small time shrimp rn).

    So far the Ledger Nano S Plus has been a great experience! It has definitely given me peace of mind.

    TLDR: find an affordable fiat on ramp to DCA, and some kind of exchange to then send to your Ledger.

  4. 1. Hold a little bit of NEXO on Nexo. Qualify for free withdrawals
    2. Purchase whatever tokens you want there
    3. Withdraw
    4. ???
    5. Profit

  5. I think just buy from whatever exchange you trust and send it to your ledger periodically. Might just get drowned in transfer fees otherwise

  6. After installing the coin profiles on the ledger you’ll receive a wallet address. Can’t you just buy your BTC from wherever and send it to the BTC wallet address from your ledger? That way, you store your crypto’s safe and well onto your ledger.

  7. Depending on how you fund the CEX purchase you may not be able to transfer instantly. I think I have to wait 4 days for the money to clear (even though I already bought the crypto with my fiat) before I can transfer off CB

  8. If you want $10 when you join I can send you a link 🙂 – SwanBTC is 0.99% fee for BTC for DCA purposes with free withdrawals. You can set up your account to automatically send the BTC to any exchange or wallet. I’ve been using for a year+.

  9. In Europe you can use **Relai**.

    The fee is pretty low especially when you buy over 100€ and you can send it for free to your ledger automatically. You just sign the adress once and after every buy they send it to this adress.

    Recurring buying goes daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly


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