Best UK Card?

Hi, I’m looking between Coinbase and Crypto Royal Indigo?

I’ve read conflicting things about Coinbase that’s fee heavy, but also seems to be good for cash back. I use a lot of the services you get rebates with Crypto.

I’ve got an account and holdings with coinbase so obviously there is the ease of use factor.

I’ve also read that Crypto might not be too GBP (Sterling/pound) friendly.

So I’ve stopped watching YouTube videos and want to know what actual users think?What are your thoughts? What would you go with? Thanks in advance!

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8 thoughts on “Best UK Card?”

  1. I have the Ruby card from and I am happy with it. It does what it is supposed to do.

    I might go for the next tier at some point in the future.

  2. I would suggest getting the app, staking 350 pounds, and then getting 2% cashback on all purchases, free money is me money

  3. I have a coinbase and card (in the UK). I don’t get cash back on the coinbase card. I think the coinbase card gives cash back in the US but not UK.

  4. I’d personally recommend getting the CDC card and have a look into Curve card also. For general day to day usage CDC card is great and there is a few loop holes you can jump through to get around some restricted merchants for instance petrol purchases.

    I’d say at minimal you want the Jade tier really just to be getting your double dip on both Spotify and Netflix and also the 10%APR on your staked coins that are paid weekly.

    To give some rough insight, in a 1 year period I accumulated around 2.3-2.4k Cro from cashback and rebates. Granted this was whilst the price point was below 20c per Cro so obviously recieved more back per purchase.

    But that’s where utilising the curve card comes in as you can have it linked to your credit card and put all purchases there, wait for a dip in Cro price and then transfer the transactions over to your CDC card to maximise returns if done within 30 days of the transaction.

    I’ve been extremely happy with my CDC card and have recommended it out to plenty of people of which several have gone ahead and done so. Just comes down to if you have the funds to go for what should be the default choice 🙂

  5. I don’t know much about the Coinbase card; I was interested in it at the time but it didn’t seem available here (perhaps that has changed in the meantime?).

    I got the CDC card. It’s decent enough – it’s worked for every transaction I’ve put through so far except one (which was a lottery ticket).

    Be aware that not everything will give you cashback. There are several merchant IDs that will exclude cashback, including most utility bills. Many make sense (like wire transfers and crypto purchases) but might feel a bit stingy. You might have to see whether the Coinbase card has similar cashback restrictions. [](

    Also, be aware that the best benefits require a significant deposit in the form of CRO. Locking £300 to £3,000 for six months is a significant investment, which was much easier to justify prior to the Coinbase listing. CRO will go up or down, and your deposit will go with it. You get decent rebates and 10% interest on the £3k deposit, but again, it’s £3k – you have to be comfortable investing in CRO at that point.

    You can get 1% cashback without a deposit through CDC – it depends whether that is enough to be worth the hassle.

    Be aware that it’s a prepaid card. You need to load money onto it before you can spend it. Once you’ve loaded money onto the card, it isn’t easy taking it off again without spending it or withdrawing at an ATM. This hasn’t impacted me yet, but it is a ridiculous oversight, and I hope they put a mechanism in place to move funds around properly soon.

    Anyway, I’ve liked the CDC card, and it’s nice getting the cashback on the essentials like groceries. I won’t deny, though, that the thought of CRO tanking and taking my deposit down with it does make me slightly anxious, but I guess that’s what you get with crypto generally.


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