Best place to invest in a Crypto IRA?

Hello all – Does anyone have any experience investing in crypto through their Roth IRA? I’m wondering what platform would be best to start investing in crypto as a retirement bet.

I was looking to start doing this, but I’m not sure the best way to go about it. I see places like Alto, but not sure I want to trust such a small start-up. Maybe I could do something through a broker like Vanguard and buy GBTC or ETHE???

Anyone have any suggestions for the best way to go about doing this? Platforms? Funds? Any and all suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “Best place to invest in a Crypto IRA?”

  1. I do the Grayscale route in a broker IRA (GBTC and ETHE as you described). I had the same hesitation as you about these other services. Since I already had an IRA open, I figured it was easier to keep everything in one place. Hopefully the Grayscale trusts turn into true spot ETFs soon.

  2. If you have a lawyer you can set up a self-directed IRA from a coinbase account.

    There are services that offer crypto custodial services for IRAs but the prices are high.

    GBTC and ETHE are easier, but you don’t actually own any crypto and until a spot ETF comes out you’ll just be buying on a speculated price. It’s at a 25% discount ATM.

  3. IRA LLC with Institutional accounts in many crypto exchanges as well as brokerage. Cheaper and more versatile than Alto, though it takes a long time to get an institutional account, and the setup of the LLC is done by a lawyer $$.


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