Best crypto exchanges for staking?

Hey gang!

I’ve been diving deeper into the world of crypto. Mostly my strat for the past few years has been to buy and hold, which actually works relatively well for some coins (not most shitcoins).

I’d like to start staking my crypto to generate small passive income, but I’m not sure which exchanges have the best rates or even more importantly, are the most secure and reliable.

I sadly had some ETH locked up on Coinbase, which I hate now, so I’m extremely cautious about what places are the most legit.

What are your preferred places for staking? I’m in the US if that matters since I know some exchanges are region locked.

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18 thoughts on “Best crypto exchanges for staking?”

  1. It’s not staking per se, but Gemini earn is one of the few lending platforms left that seem to be in compliance with the SEC. Their rates aren’t the best, but you can still earn almost 7% on Stablecoins and decent rates on some smaller alts.

  2. I’d check out Voyager. They are a broker and not an exchange so they have multiple different staking partners which helps diversify the risk. They are also a public company so you can see their financials every quarter as well which I like. If you end up using it make sure you use a referral code for another $25

  3. Cant say which is the best and im also not from the US but this is what I use:

    * Binance for DOT, MATIC, LINK (almost no interest), ADA and VET
    * I get reasonable interest on most. LINK and VET not so much. But the rest is between 5 and 15% I think.
    * Yieldyak (yield aggregator) for AVAX via AAVE, I used to get 12% but it’s down to 7% now I believe
    * Celsius (big decentralised lending platform) for ETH and BTC. Thats 5,3% and 6,5% (up to 1 BTC) respectively.
    * ANCHOR (on terra network) protocol for UST, thats 19,5%

    Also used pancakeswap for cake and some other defi stuff but Im sticking to the bigger ones now. Degen yield farming gave me stress so im sticking to the safe stuff.

    Happy with all choices now.

  4. You should take a look at Cosmostation because It is easy to use and safe. I am currently staking FET, but I will take stake other IBC tokens as well.

  5. If you really want an exchange, I’d probably say Kraken just due to their quality of customer service.

    If you want the best bang for your buck you should explore a lot of non exchange options. A lot of projects have higher APY solutions, just gotta look around.

    Also don’t get to disappointed about locking on Coinbase. Any ETH interest is good interest right now. Just when you get the chance to unlock I’d recommend looking at better solutions like Rocketpool or Lido if you have a ledger.

  6. if your money is on an exchange, you arent really staking.

    but if you just want to get some interest on your assets, nexo is about as simple and fool-proof as it gets.

  7. For centralized exchange binance offers the best staking imo.
    For decentralized the wallet of that specific coin works too for some coins.

  8. Freeway!
    Up to 43% apy on Bitcoin, Eth, Euro and Dollar. Freeway will be a giant as soon as more people get to know this project. The have a regulated brokerage and don’t use your funds to get the yield. They also won the staking platform of the year on AIBC. Imo the best small cap crypto project.

  9. I like abra a lot, and you get their token in return as well, depending on what tier you are. It’s a US exchange that has been around since 2014.

  10. Lmao. Don’t want to find out. I stake every relevant thing I want to stake in my wallet — Guarda wallet.

    *Not your keys, not your coins*

  11. Wanchain Zoo is where it’s at for LP farming. Earning up to 70%. Seriously check it out, gamified LP, one of a kind with a great community.


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