Bear markets are where money is made

Take a look at the previous beer market. Which was at the start of 2017 towards 2020. Those individuals who kept on the Dollar costing average during this period of time are the ones who made significant gains. As the saying goes “bear markets are where money is made”. Over the span of three years if someone has invested $100 every month and multiplied that by 12 and then another 3 that gives us a total of $3600. Let’s assume this individual only bought bitcoin doing that period of time. And let’s say his average price was around $8000. He would have owned 0.45 bitcoin doing that bear market. This doesn’t even include the interest that one can make by lending out bitcoin. That $3600. is currently valued at $17,100.

That is some significant gains that are close to a 5X. this is just bitcoin imagine if this individual dollar-cost averaging two Ethereum or some other blue-chip crypto is that went parabolic this crypto cycle.

Time can be tough but buying during the bearish times is always the best time to buy. As the other saying goes “Buy in the fear sell in the greed.”.

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39 thoughts on “Bear markets are where money is made”

  1. Got in right before the 2017 peak – and can confirm this very much.

    At first it was a little disapointing, but I continued to read about Bitcoin and Blockchain and it kept me convinced enough to continue to DCA. And I can only advise new people to do the same. You will not survive a bear market if all you look into are prices. This is revolutionary financial technology, but you should at least get an idea how this all works – even if it’s not in deep detail.

  2. i just bought 20 litecoins and i’m going for a few weeks (or months) in drug addiction therapy starting tommorow. No phones allowed.
    Seems like i’m going to try the good ol « buy cheap coins and get locked up for an inderterminate amount of time with no access to my wallet» strategy

  3. I want to hear more about this beer market OP. You know damn well your mind was originally on beer. 😂

    But to your main point, completely agree and why I stop my DCA on riskier coins for the time being to focus on blue chips.

  4. I’ve been accumulating so much of these alts at these **MASSIVE** discounts it’s insane.

    My future self will be thanking the shit out of me right now for doing so because inevitably I know it will pay off as long as I play it safe and accumulate mostly BTC and ETH!!!!

  5. Ah yes… but are we in the bear market yet? I would hate to spend my last few stablecoins buying low and then seeing the market dump 50% deeper… At least my own crystal ball refuses to tell me.

  6. Don’t forget that it’s also *super simple* to get interest returns on a lot of major cryptocurrencies while you HODL. If you bought $100 of BTC over the last 4 years you would have turned $4800 into ~$20k, but if you had a ~4% interest rate on that BTC you would have turned $4800 into ~$100k.

    The math of compound interest works **really well** in your favor with a highly appreciating asset like Bitcoin.


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