Banano team quietly passes 1 TRILLION points with [email protected].

I feel like this isn’t getting enough credit than it deserves.

Banano is a memecoin branch off Nano, but users are given free Banano when utilizing Folding @ Home.

For those that don’t know, people can use their computing power to run simulations of protein folding and movement of proteins. This can help with developing new cures.

Banano team is literally the #1 team with over the last couple of days, *surpassing 1 TRILLION points.*

This is just insane.

Covid Moonshot literally just found a new anti-viral and credits [email protected]. And honestly, with Banano being the #1 team, that’s a huge accomplishment.

“We employed [email protected] a worldwide distributed computing network where hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world contributed computing power to create the world’s first exascale computing resource to compute the free energy of binding of all 20,000+ crowdsourced submissions”

“We also thank the numerous volunteers that contributed compound designs to the COVID moonshot and to the citizen scientist volunteers of [email protected] for donating their computing resources, and Amazon Web Services for key support of [email protected] infrastructure”

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47 thoughts on “Banano team quietly passes 1 TRILLION points with [email protected].”

  1. I love banano. I found out about it from [email protected]. I’ve been doing it for a little over a year now. You’re not going to make much money, but it’s awesome being able to contribute to science on computers I wouldn’t otherwise be using.

  2. I don’t have banano but it seems like the community is chill and fun compared to some cultish subs out there. Oh well I wish you more luck banano peeps.

  3. Been folding for a year now (on the 28th) and just about to pass 166 million points folded myself! Absolutely love this project and DEV team!

  4. I FODL’d at home for a while and earned some Banano, it was 100% a positive experience but not too lucrative.

    Stellar Cannacoin may be looking into something similar to Banano, fold to earn Cannacoin. I’ll try that out too, medical research, cannabis and crypto is a quite exquisite triumvirate.

  5. Banano is cool. The NFTs the dev of banano made is really popular and kinda over shadows the coin sometimes but the coin is just as amazing as Nano but with more faucets and methods of earning.

  6. They should run simulations on the effect on the body of combinations of 100s of chemicals and toxins that we ingest, inhale, and absorb every day.


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