Avoiding Centralized Exchanges

From all that I have been reading regarding the exchanges halting trading and keeping people from withdrawing their crypto, how have some of you been avoiding the big exchanges but still able to buy/sell crypto? Specifically bitcoin/eth?
I am assuming peer to peer groups to buy and sell? Also keeping everything on a hard wallet? Although not the safest: Metamask (although you cant store bitcoin on it). I am also assuming you can still buy from a big exchange, just do it in small chunks and transfer to a different off exchange wallet ASAP. Maybe some other way I am not aware of? Also, how are they able to do this if you simply just move your wallet to a different exchange and trade there? I must say, these exchanges are the worst, the new version of a centralized bank if you will. Not what I envisioned as “decentralized”.

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12 thoughts on “Avoiding Centralized Exchanges”

  1. A very controversial statement. I’m completely satisfied with Hitbtc, and I’m not going to change it to other exchanges.

  2. You can use simple social recovery wallets with fiat on-ramp services.

    http://argent.xyz is the one I usually give to my normie friends.

    As long as you’re not loading up 6-7 figures at a time it’s perfect.

    You can think of these wallets as an exchange that’s self-custodial, but without all the hassle of hardware wallets and risk of seed phrases.

  3. The aspect of decentralization isn’t with fiat on/off ramps, it’s with keeping control of your funds yourself. Buying from a reputable exchange is needed because you’re dealing with fiat money, which is centralized, it makes sense.

    Unless you’re doing peer to peer, using an exchange to buy crypto with fiat makes the most sense. It doesn’t make crypto itself any less decentralized.

  4. You have to use a CEX as a fiat ramp – no way around it. Don’t keep your money there long term. Do your crypto stuff in DeFi, cash out through CEX when you’re ready. It’s a simple process really.

  5. Avoid keeping your coins on the exchanges, but don’t try to outright avoid these exchanges, De-Fi isn’t user friendly yet.

  6. Celsius – who isn’t just an exchange, theyrun high risk strategies in the back ground – stops withdrawals and you think all exchanges are unfit to buy on?


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