Avalanche network is sweating like a pig now with 14$ gas fees

Remember when MATIC was sweating like a pig just from one sunflower game on its network? ..well same shit is repeating now with Avalanche. According to the users fees are even higher than ETH right now

[User reports over 14$ gas fee for transaction](

The reason for congestion? A game with crabs called Crabada. Yes, I’m serious. It’s sunflower fiasco all over again just this time it’s crabs instead of flowers. And this time too, it’s the network that is supposed to bring us extremely low fees and speedy transactions. I’m invested in AVAX but stuff like this really maks me wonder sometimes.

Crazy what one little game with crabs can do to a network


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  1. > Crazy what one little game with crabs can do to a network

    What’s even crazier is how little research people do before posting this kind of stuff. At the time of you posting this, tx transfer fees were already down to $0.05

    Occasional spikes happen. Highlighting a $14 fee on a complex transaction (YY withdraw) and making it seem like standard behavior is disingenuous.

    Also Crabada has been live for 3 months now. you just now realizing its existence makes me question this:

    > I’m investment in AVAX but stuff like this really maks me wonder sometimes.

  2. From what I’m reading the high gas fees the OP in the topic was experiencing was because of a spike in the network combined with a withdrawal he made on a compound protocol meaning he was paying for multiple transactions (5-6) in one go. The AVAX network was experiencing a spike at that point, which I grant isn’t awesome, but the claim that AVAX has 14$ gas fees is misleading imo. Current gas fees are also [back to their previous rate](https://cointool.app/gasPrice/avax) it seems so some of the statements made in this topic feel overblown.

  3. Share a real transaction, not another user’s screenshot. It’s obvious you’ve never used the C chain because you don’t even know how the fees work. Also, it wasn’t because of Crabada lol. There was an ICO.

  4. for a simple send transaction you mean? When did the game start? Cause I did a couple sends two days ago for 14 cents each EDIT: I clicked the link, yeah that’s one of them super fancy transactions

  5. Post is taken out of context by a lot. The transaction the user was doing was a pretty massive smart contract interaction doing around 7x the normal gas limit.

    Assuming this was a normal swap or something it woulda been like 2$ and then he also mentions he waited a bit and paid 3x less so in reality it’s near 50 cents.

  6. Zero fees for the base ledger is the future.

    This will allow data commercialization, feeless decentralized identities, tokenization of everything, play to earn and click monetization.

    Smart Contracts do require fees for dust protection, but nothing other than that. A fee structure to have miners approving transactions is pointless.

  7. I think most networks will experience these kind of problems when suddenly activity is sky high, it’s just part of the adoption curve and if you have good people behind it they will address the issue and improve the network….. If not then probably the end is near.

  8. Remember when Solana buckled under load, but gas fees stayed the same ?

    Crazy how networks are actually very slow for actual use and need a LOT more work before they can hope to become main stream.

    No chain, no tech, no nothing can keep up with a load of a game, let alone multiple large dapps running 24/7.

    Its not AVAX or MATIC or SOL or what ever at fault.
    We are simply at this stage of tech. Where we need faster, better, stronger validators. Not some guy with i5 and 7200Rpm HDD in basement and 20 MBit u / d. z

    But actual scalable solutions that cost money, lots of money.

    Until we get that crypto as tech can not reach man stream. Any and every new chain that is yet to come will come to this obstacle.

  9. Funny how all the shills appear in an avax fud post.
    Ckb, kadena, ada, eglrd, one… What a shill fest for shitcoins.
    And the best thing, never paid more than a couple of dollars on avax. Paying 0.2$ rn while everybody panicking.
    Maxis on full force again. Love it

  10. People will learn one day. All these projects will choke when a bit of extra traffic comes their way. Oh yeah 0.001$ transaction fee, of course because no one uses it at the moment!

  11. The whole ‘decentralized web3’ is pretty much broken in the current state. Every network (at least EVM ones) has this same problem that even one popular dapp can break every other dapp or at least make them practically unusable. And there’s nothing that users or devs can do, but just wait for things to get back ‘normal’ eventually. Maybe there’s some solutions coming, but currently it’s quite a big risk for any ‘serious’ dapp, because just suddenly some crapola or sundae game can halt your app for days and/or force you to pump that gas fee super high

  12. Not sure if you use eth recently, but most smart contract calls I’ve done has been over $30, uniswap sometimes like $200 so yeah lol, this is no where near eth level


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