Astar Network Welcomes Alchemy to Polkadot

Alchemy partners with Astar Network! Alchemy Platform has a suite of developer tools that are widely trusted by devs on many networks, including Ethereum, L2s (Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism) and Solana.

The obvious advantage is that Astar developers will have an easier time building and monitoring their dApps and projects.

While this is important to Astar builders, the knock-on effect is that many talented Solidity and Rust devs can use the familiar tools of Alchemy to integrate with Astar and enter a new ecosystem of Polkadot.

I assure you, the Alchemy team is “giddy” to enter Polkadot. They were actually smiling at the first mention of it. In particular, they are ready to provide new tools for the Hybrid Builders of Astar (building both WASM and EVM).

Last bit! Developers also have access to more funding, now able to use the support and grants available on both Astar and Alchemy.

**See the official announcement below for details and links.**

**TL;DR** Astar and Alchemy team up to accelerate building Web3 for developers by providing new tools, programs, and opportunities for financial support.

Note: I work in Polkadot ecosystem and write these posts to update the Reddit community on the Dotsama ecosystem. I’m a long-time Reddit user who focuses on posting developments, rather than spreading negative FUD.

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